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A Complete Guide: Tuxedo Vs. Suit

tuxedo vs suit

Cannot choose between a tuxedo and suit to adorn on your big day? Here is a comprehensive guide on tuxedo vs. suit to help you break uncertainty and make a better decision.

With the fashion trends changing with every minute of the day, the two attires that withstood through all and emerged as an evergreen fashion in men’s formal wear are tuxedos and suits. But unfortunately, despite all the fashion rage and awareness prevailing, many of us still have no clue about the primary difference between a tuxedo and a suit and how to style them. 

For helping you out on your quest to select the best outfit for your next formal event, let’s dive into this tuxedo vs. suit guide without further waiting.

Tuxedo Vs. Suit Difference

Tuxedo Vs. Suit Difference

Men’s fashion has evolved through the test of times, but the only styling trend that kept its real essence is the tuxedos and formal suits. A person having an eye for detail can easily distinguish between a good quality tuxedo from a suit. So, to make you a fashion expert, here are a few things that set apart a suit from a tuxedo. So let us begin the answer to this quest!

Tuxedo Shirt Vs. Suit Shirt

Although a tuxedo and a suit shirt are similar in many ways, a tuxedo shirt is designed specially to be worn with a tuxedo having a bib and french cuffs. This fit to all crisp white button-down shirt may seem tedious, but your tuxedo is worthless without this one shirt. On the contrary, a dress shirt comes in various colors, and patterns, and fits for you to style with your favorite suit.

Dinner Suit Vs. Tuxedo

The fundamental difference between a dinner suit and a tuxedo is the jacket. Therefore, comparing a suit jacket vs. a tuxedo jacket, you can’t wear a contrasting jacket with a tuxedo suit, unlike a dinner suit that can be styled with a different colored blazer and pants. Nevertheless, both these formal wear are pretty similar except that people of North America adorn the tuxedo suit while the dinner suit is its alternative in the United Kingdom.

Suit And Tie Vs. Tuxedo

You can dress up your suit with or without a tie depending upon the formality of the event, but on the contrary, you cannot style a tuxedo without a collar bow. In addition, you can experiment with different colors and patterns when it comes to choosing the right tie for your suit, but a tuxedo is only worn with the classic black bow tie style.

Business Suit Vs. Tuxedo

Although suits can be styled with contrasting pants and jackets, keeping the same color is necessary for business suits and formal wear. However, you can choose to wear a different colored shirt and necktie with your dress shoes to compliment your business suit. While on the other hand, a tuxedo is a formal attire that cannot be used as business casual but can be styled for a black-tie business event intended to celebrate a special achievement.

Tuxedo Vs. Suit Pants

The significant difference between tuxedo pants and dress pants is the silk fabric placement. The Tuxedo pants have a silk stripe on the inseam running from waist to down the end, unlike dress pants, having a simple inseam with a front crease fit. Moreover, the tuxedo pants have a silk waistband and lack belt loops, a notable suit pants feature.

Wedding Groom Suit Vs. Tuxedo

What is the perfect groom attire to be the star of the evening, a suit or tux? Both tuxedos and suits can work equally well. But, to choose the perfect attire for the day, one should consider a few things ahead before deciding on their wedding outfit. Like what is the event’s setting, whether it’s a day or night party? A wedding suit is a perfect choice for a less formal daytime event, while you can wear a tuxedo to a nighttime, black-tie wedding party.

Blazer Vs. Suit Jacket Vs. Tuxedo

While the tuxedo jacket is similar to a suit jacket in usage, the difference is in fabric. A tuxedo jacket has satin lapels, unlike a suit jacket. On the other hand, a blazer is designed to be styled individually with the same or different colored pants, while the suit jacket is strictly dressed with matching pants.

Not to mention, all the three jackets are styled according to the event’s needs. For instance, a blazer is more of a casual outfit while the suit jacket is best suited for semi-formal events, and tuxedos are strictly designed for severely formal events. 

Tuxedo Vest Vs. Suit Vest

A vest is one of the most important distinguishing factors between tuxedos and suits. A tuxedo vest is a wide, low-cut waistcoat designed to flaunt the inner shirt underneath, embellished with a set of short lapels to exhibit a more formal vibe. However, on the other hand, a suit vest has a higher and comparatively narrow neck cut devised to show off only the upper half of the tie.   

Under the elite formal dress code, one cannot wear a tuxedo vest with a suit and visa versa. However, there is no obligation, and everyone has the freedom of choice to wear what they like.

Tuxedo Or Suit For A Wedding?

Tuxedo Or Suit For A Wedding?

Choosing the proper wedding attire for your big is a daunting task. As a groom, deciding between a tuxedo and suit outfit to dress up on your wedding day needs careful assessment based not several significant factors. So let’s do some digging into it to find the perfect wedding outfit for you.


The choice of your outfit should reflect your wedding theme. For example, if it is a black-tie event, a tuxedo will work well for you. However, for a casual summer wedding, you can wear a suit. Decide by considering the bride’s attire; If it is a formal wedding gown, go with a tuxedo. On the other hand, wear a suit if the bridal wear is a casual mid-length dress.


The time of the day is another crucial deciding factor for your outfit. For a day event, wear a suit, while if the wedding party is black is a formal nighttime event, and a tuxedo will work well. In addition, if the event starts during the day and wraps up in the evening, both the outfit will do the task well in this case.


Budget and your style preference are among the foremost elements for choosing the right wedding attire. While tuxedos are a bit high in the price range than suits, one can wear them if they like, regardless of the event, if they fit right into their pocket. So, in the end, it all comes down to your personality and style.

Tuxedo Vs. Suit What To Wear At Prom?

Tuxedo Vs. Suit What To Wear At Prom?

Tuxedo vs. suit for prom has been a question running around for years now with no conclusive answers. Following the formal dress code for prom, wearing a tuxedo is the most appropriate choice to make. But, there is no hard and fast rule; one can also wear a suit. But, make sure not to overdo it and try matching your outfit with your prom date. 


When to wear a tuxedo?  

Typically, it is against the formal clothing dress code to wear a tuxedo before evening. However, you can wear it for an event that starts in the day and ends at night. In addition, a tuxedo is an outfit most suited for formal black-tie events. Therefore, no such event starts before dusk.

When to wear a suit? 

A suit is considered a more casual dress code, best suited for daytime events. For instance, you can pull off a black or blue suit look while attending a business meeting, a casual date, or hanging out in a club. In addition, you can also carry a suit to some less casual events like attending a wedding or daytime party.

What is a dinner suit vs. a tuxedo? 

The dinner suit and tuxedo are somewhat the same, with the only difference being that the suit can be worn with different colors of pants, unlike a tuxedo. Apart from this, the other difference between the two formal wears lies in their respective regions. The people of North America are fond of wearing a tuxedo while the United Kingdom prefers suits over them.

Can you wear a suit for formal occasions? 

A suit is more likely to be worn for more casual occasions, but you can also wear it for semi-formal events. For instance, a semi-formal wedding guest or an executive business meeting are some formal events you can slay with your suit on.

Is a tuxedo more formal than a suit? 

Yes, a tuxedo is a more formal outfit than a suit. However, you can also style your suit for a formal event but casually wearing a tuxedo is a criminal offense in men’s fashion.


Choosing between a tuxedo and a suit is a crucial task. But, you can make a wise outfit choice by considering the nature of your event and the theme. A tuxedo is a suitable choice to adorn at severely formal black-tie parties, while you can wear a suit for casual occasions like a business meeting or a lunch date. So, be the perfectionist and make the right outfit choice for yourself!

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