bespoke vs made to measure

What is the Difference between Bespoke and Made-to-Measure?

The ongoing confusion of bespoke vs made-to-measure has rattled close to everyone surfing the internet, simply searching for easy ways to separate these two misunderstood concepts. While some sources offer great stories, others; many infographics that have complicated lingo, offer no help to people who aren’t ‘industry’ workers and so don’t quite know the terminology used.

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Cool Ideas for Decorating Leather Jackets through Customization

While there may be great diversity found, when talking about or dealing with leather jackets, there is a lot to be said on the stylized aspect of what is known as the world’s oldest form of apparel.

We’re all way too familiar with the huge variety of leather jackets offered in various shapes and sizes, in a multitude of different colors and an impressive range of functionality and appearance.

Yet taking your leather jacket to a whole new level that not underlines a unique element of your style and personality but allows you to choose decorative features that will highlight who you are and what you’re all about as an individual, is a force to be reckoned with, at least for many.

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Correctly Store Your Leather Jackets

6 Tips to Correctly Store your Leather Jackets

While we may all have our favorite leather jackets that we are proud of, or perhaps leather pants that we are glad we got just in time for that leather themed event.

Either way, many of us have at least one leather piece if not more that we truly treasure, which is why; taking care of it and maintaining its well-developed patina over the years, is something that is kept under close observation just so that our leather piece may continue looking its best for as long as is possible.Read More »6 Tips to Correctly Store your Leather Jackets

How to Clean Leather Boots?

The first signs of winter and everyone’s thinking, ‘time to bring out the leather boots’. Okay perhaps not everyone, and possibly not just in winter. Yet a good number of people who understand the value and importance of having a good pair of clean leather boots, know the feeling.

A pair that can be shown off as well as serve a more functional purpose of warmth and comfort. So the question remains, “Just how to clean leather boots?”
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