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Cool Ideas for Decorating Leather Jackets through Customisation

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While there may be great diversity found, when talking about or dealing with leather jackets, there is a lot to be said on the stylized aspect of what is known as the world’s oldest form of apparel.

We’re all way too familiar with the huge variety of leather jackets offered in various shapes and sizes, in a multitude of different colors and an impressive range of functionality and appearance.

Yet taking your leather jacket to a whole new level that not underlines a unique element of your style and personality but allows you to choose decorative features that will highlight who you are and what you’re all about as an individual, is a force to be reckoned with, at least for many.

Below we share with you a few cool ideas that puts the décor into decorating right here at The Jacket Maker.

From first timers to recurring customers, many have shared interesting insights on what they would like or have made that almost if not always circles around the idea of decorating their leather jackets in a unique way.

These ideas may seem vague but have a strong capacity for depth as we’ve always said we’re open to any possible requirements in this area and encourage customers to be as creative as possible, thinking outside the box.

Thus reaffirming our commitment to any type of custom jacket under the sun.

Embroidered Elements

One of the most commonly used as well as the most popular this season, is the embroidered elements on leather jackets.

While this may seem a bit dated for some, a substantial amount of different ideas can easily spark from this element alone.

Embroidery can be done to highlight one’s love for flowers, art deco or music, or perhaps sports, culture or a particular hobby. It is an open field ready to be explored.

Perfect Patch Up

Patches or patchwork is another good idea, especially for those looking to make a statement in a stylish way.

Be it a single patch or design to one that is repeated several times. Perhaps a selection of multiple patches reminiscent of the 90s style that is making a comeback.

With the ability to move from retro-esque features to modern elements, this idea is really a versatile space that many will find has a relevance to many different temperaments and personas.

Patchwork is One way to add Understated Style to your Jacket
Patchwork is One way to add Understated Style to your Jacket

Paint it Posh

Something that many artsy people will love and be able to relate to and that is using paint in creative ways to decorate leather jackets.

There are countless of DIY articles and videos that show how paint can be used in cool and artistic ways to decorate leather jackets.

This can be something abstract, geometrical or floral, or a bit of each. Here again, it is an open field that is just waiting to be explored.

We at The Jacket Maker will be thrilled to help you in finding the best options that will suit you.

Studs and Style

What’s up Stud?

Perhaps one of the most timeless elements with regards to leather jacket decoration is the use of studs.

After evolving over the years in design, shape and size, a large variety is available much to the liking of many across the globe.

Whether you use cone shaped studs or spherical ones, flat rounded ones or a mix of both.

Studs have a tendency to add some edge to whatever jacket design you may have.

While on the subject of studs, spikes too are used with equal enthusiasm as both are believed to serve similar purposes and give a striking, hip and edgy appearance to the wearer.

Style to Dye for

Using dyeing techniques as decorative elements for leather jackets, go as far back as one can imagine.

This too has undergone an evolution of its own and today offers some of the best and most unique dyeing processes that take leather jackets to a much higher level.

Whether you go for a subtle, minimalist approach with dual-tone dyes or multiple tones that make up a cool and creative abstract art approach.

Patterns that are formed by this element transforms any leather jacket in a positive way.

Dye your Leather Jacket in any Color to Highlight your Personality

Stripes tell your Story

Adding stripes to your jacket is a great way to add interest to the style and design.

With several options to choose from, you can try vertical stripes running downwards or vertical stripes moving across your front or back, in any style or area you choose.

Diagonal stripes are another option that creates a subtle illusion for people who are on the plump side.

The thinness or thickness of the stripes can be any, from pinstripes to bold thick stripes that can be further enhanced through contrasting colors for an eye-catching look or monotones that give a more subtle style to your jacket.

All in all stripes are great in making you appear slim or tall or even broad or narrow, depending on what you are going for.

Add Stripes to your Jacket for Instant Style and Wow Factor

Cut and Strut

Incorporating surprise elements within your leather jacket could be the best move you ever make as far as quality outerwear goes.

With that being said, imagine a leather jacket that can be worn as is as well as a vest or perhaps even a jacket with short sleeves.

Enabling dual or multiple looks, using the same piece is what many people crave for the most, which redefines the phrase of value for money.

As mentioned before, The Jacket Maker is always thrilled to work with customers who love exploring different ideas, know exactly what they want, and appreciate the assistance and results which are always well received.

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