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Instagram Guide for The Jacket Maker’s Brand Ambassadors 

Aside from being the 10th most popular google query and the 2nd most downloaded free app in the Apple app store, Instagram would be one of the best platforms to use for marketing as well as earning some money. Being The Jacket Maker’s brand ambassador you will not only need to understand the story, brand visuals and type of content to use but also know how to use Instagram to promote The Jacket Maker’s affiliate products in the best possible way.

How to Promote The Jacket Maker on Instagram

Below are some effective ways to achieve this goal.

1 – Check the Link in the Bio:

1 - Check the Link in the Bio:

Perhaps one of the easiest and most commonly used techniques is the ‘link in bio’ strategy. This simply calls for adding the link of The Jacket Maker you’d like to share with your followers in your bio. This can be changed as often as you’d like should that be necessary. Whenever you post affiliate products, make sure to mention in the post description that people can check the link in bio. 

2 – Personalize your Links using Bitly:

2 - Personalize your Links using Bitly:

This again is a simple way of cleaning up your linking exercises by using Bitly. Have you ever seen links that are up to four lines in length? Literally. Not a very attractive sight for your followers not to mention it also looks amateur-ish. By simply personalizing your link through Bitly you not only get a clean and precise link of The Jacket Maker that is easily shareable it also offers a clean and professional appearance. 

3 – Spread an Awareness about your Links:

Here’s a creative way to spread awareness about your links for The Jacket Maker and that is to simply write it on one of the images you’re posting. That is if it’s more than one. The same can apply for single posts as well. You can go completely creative or simply chic depending on your theme but keep in mind that it should also be in line of The Jacket Maker’s brand visuals. This helps people to recognize and remember the link the next time you share something similar. 

4 – Affiliate Link in the Image Description: 

Much like the point above, this calls for a slightly different way of using affiliate links to spread awareness. This can be done by placing the link in the image description before posting. It won’t be clickable, but if you’ve used bitly to personalize your link, people will remember or better yet they’ll take the time to copy-paste it to their browser. 

5 – Promote your Post and Account- Two Birds one Stone!

Instagram ad

A unique way of achieving two things at once is to promote your instagram account as well as your affiliate link to The Jacket Maker serving a dual purpose of each supporting the other. So whatever online traffic arises from the affiliate link indirectly, also has a high chance of people landing on your Instagram. 

6 – Engage with Users through Live Videos: 

6 - Engage with Users through Live Videos: 

This one is relatively new and has gained immense popularity world-wide. Sharing your affiliate products and links using live videos. This is not only a great way to engage with users themselves but also a grand way to share products and links to The Jacket Maker in creative ways and all that in a live video that can also be saved for future viewing. What’s even more interesting is that videos tend to get more engagement and views as opposed to images. So this one is something that shouldn’t be ignored. 

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7 – Do not Promote every Post:

This one is not new to many and chances are you already are familiar with this one. Nonetheless, it is important to say that promoting every single post you do, no matter how attractive the look, is not a very good idea. It’s best to only promote posts either randomly, or the ones that you feel need more visibility. Posts that are already doing well are perhaps the ones you shouldn’t be promoting. On the other hand, if it’s a post that is informational and even crucial to understanding the brand associated with the affiliate links and products, in this case, The Jacket Maker, then promote away!

8 – Using Hashtags to Engage a Wider Audience:

8 - Using Hashtags to Engage a Wider Audience:

This one is another point that is pretty common and chances are you’re already familiar with it and/or have also tried it out. What? Using hashtags. Hashtags in general help you reach a wider audience where your post will not only get more visibility but high chances of likes, shares, comments and follows as well. For your affiliate links and products, that’s good news. Feel free to use hashtags such as #thejacketmaker 

9 – Sharing your Affiliate Products and Links:

Once you post affiliate products and links you can take a step further and share this info to engage with a wider audience. Maybe even wait a couple of hours after your post was published and share it. This can be done within Instagram as well as on other platforms and channels. 

10 – Put a Link in your Stories:

10 - Put a Link in your Stories:

Instagram stories are a great way to promote affiliate products by simply adding a link to your stories that again, may not be clickable (unless you have a business account and have the shopping feature which means you have more than 10K followers and are a verified user) but will be memorable for those who are recurring visitors to your page and an awareness for newcomers. Either way, it is a pretty awesome way that creatively helps you promote affiliate products, links and more. 

11 – Add shopping on Instagram Feature: 

11 - Add shopping on Instagram Feature: 

Going for the shopping feature on Instagram enables you to tag products in not only posts but stories as well. Of-course you would have to have a business type account on Instagram to be able to get access to this feature. A great way to go for affiliate products and links creatively. 

Before you Go Ahead: 

So there you have it. Some of the best ways to promote affiliate products and links on Instagram for The Jacket Maker. If you have any questions regarding any of the above or any other questions regarding The Jacket Maker’s Brand Ambassador Program, feel free to email us: af*******@th************.com. Good luck! 

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