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How to Clean Leather Jacket Lining?

How To Clean Leather Jacket Lining

Leather jackets are a style staple that is used by many. It is said that full-grain leather jackets can last up to decades. But in order to maintain the leather jackets, you need to pamper them. When it comes to cleaning leather, it’s quite simple and easy but, a leather jacket’s main element is the inside lining of the jacket. 

This is particularly true for custom leather jackets, where the lining can be made from a variety of materials tailored to personal preference, requiring specific care to maintain the unique features and luxurious feel of the jacket.

All About Lining

All About Lining

Leather jacket linings are very essential, they help in insulating the jacket in order to keep the wearer comfortable and warm. Linings can be of many materials, some of which are; 

  • Cotton:

Cotton can be said as one of the most comfortable fabrics, it is soft, breathable, and not static in nature. 

  • PolyCotton:

Poly-cotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton. The fabric is best to use in spring and summer as its light nature prevents sweating and makes the jacket breathable. 

  • Viscose Lining

The faux silk lining is one of the most commonly used lining types when it comes to leather jackets. Viscose lining is softer, comfortable, and hassle-free. 

The Cleaning Process

The Cleaning Process

Leather jacket linings are easy to get dirty due to the everyday wear, they are likely to get a false odor due to excessive sweating and being kept locked away for seasons. There are various ways in which you can get rid of the smell and even the stains on your leather jacket lining. 

The process involves various methods and techniques which can come in handy when it comes to maintaining your leather jackets.

Airing It Out

Firstly you could try airing out your leather jacket. Keeping it away from sunlight or any type of heat source and allowing it to just air out naturally. The best way is to spread the jacket wide, or fold it inside-out and keep it under a ceiling fan or on the balcony at night. 

Use Baking Soda

When it comes to stains, many types of research show that baking soda is the natural source that pulls the stain out from the roots. You can start by spreading baking soda on your leather jacket lining, and spraying it with lukewarm water, let it sit and dry for 20 minutes and when the soda gets crisp, you can easily wipe it off using a damp cloth.

All-Purpose Detergent

Sometimes, baking soda is not enough in order to remove the nasty stains. You can take help with mild detergent, mix the powdered detergent with water until it completely dissolves, take a sponge or a piece of cloth, dip it in the solution and wipe the dirty area until it’s clean. After you are done with the wiping you can let it sit in order to dry the damp lining. 

Dedicated Cleaners

Everything that was invented as a DIY now has a supplier. You can easily get your hands on dedicated lining cleaners which you can either spray and wipe or mix with water in order to create a solution. Either way, the end result is what matters most. 


Leather jackets lining makes 40% of the leather jacket which helps in keeping you warm and comfortable. You can use these techniques to give your leather jackets a good life without being embarrassed about the foul smells and stains. 

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