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Earn MONEY Through The Jacket Maker’s Affiliate Program

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Here’s your chance to be a leather jackets affiliate and earn an irresistible commission by selling leather jackets from one of the best-emerging brands in leather apparel. Offering the widest range of some of the finest quality leather jackets in the world, at an accessible price point for both men and women.

A great opportunity to make $20 off every order and an additional $100 bonus for the first five orders made to The Jacket Maker through your reference. A free to join an affiliate program for anyone looking to make a few hundred extra bucks without having to stress at all. With free shipping worldwide on all orders and easy access to product feeds, banners and promotional content, it’s truly a match made in heaven.

But Wait for a Second…

If you’re unfamiliar with The Jacket Maker and what we’re all about, here’s a bit you need to know. The Jacket Maker was conceived on the basis of simplifying personalization in the fashion industry. Combining year’s old bespoke services with today’s technology to make some of the finest ready-to-wear and custom clothing accessible to everyone. We truly believe that you should never settle for anything almost perfect.

Michael of Michael 84 tried The Jacket Maker's Custom Design feature and loved it.
Michael of Michael 84 tried The Jacket Maker’s Custom Design feature and loved it.

Based in California USA and RAK, United Arab Emirates, three distinct qualities make this brand unique, which are accessibility, convenience and perfection. Aside from being totally accessible and user-friendly, shopping at The Jacket Maker also bestows the gift of convenience at all levels. This is why the end product customers receive are perfect which is why we say you should never settle for anything almost perfect. For more on The Jacket Maker go ahead and click the About Us tab on our website.

The Jacket Maker Customer

Now that you know a bit about The Jacket Maker, it would be helpful to know our tribe as well. A large group of people that reflect diversity, men and women of various ages; anywhere from teens to those in their stylish sixties. Spread across different countries around the world, these cool people are students, artists, housewives, musicians, superheroes, actors, models and the list goes on. Each of them having a unique sense of style and individuality, make for an ideal member of The Jacket Maker family.

The Jacket Maker Customer has a Unique Sense of Style and Individuality
The Jacket Maker Customer has a Unique Sense of Style and Individuality

Why Join?

There’s a lot to be achieved by joining The Jacket Maker’s Affiliate Program, which we’ve listed below.

Earn money promoting one of the widest range of premium leather jackets and outerwear with over 250 designs for men and women.

Make the most of our free shipping worldwide on all orders

The program is free to join

$20 flat commission on every order

Additional $100 bonus for the first five orders

30 days tracking window

Access to product feeds, banners text links, and more promotional content

Regular newsletters about new product arrivals, best sellers, and exclusive news

Real-time reporting, sales tracking, and technical support

How do I Join?

Our affiliate program is hosted through ShareASale. If you are not already a member, you can apply here. You can also write to us at af*******@th************.com

How does it Work?

You earn commission when visitors referred by you make a purchase on

Setup a product feed to give your visitors access to items listed on

Place ads, banners, and links on your site

Engage in different promotions, including newsletters and campaigns

Monitor your referred traffic, sales, and commission statements through the ShareASale dashboard.

So now you can get in on all the action and join the chorus to enjoy the benefits of an affiliate program where YOU always WIN!

Get started by clicking here

For inquires email us: af*******@th************.com

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