Summer ’22 is all about Victorian Cosplay – Here are the Best Corset Outfits

Corset Outfits

The Y2K fashion aesthetics have escalated the resurgence of corseted silhouettes but most of us remember them as being an essential part of the undergarments that were utilized to accentuate the hourglass figure of women. 

In the modern world, corset outfits are back as they’ve established their position as one of the top trending social media outfits. Of course, the reason for the comeback of the Victorian cosplay is credited to many popular tv shows that gave the regencycore aesthetic the cool tag. 

Hence, you may now see corset tops replacing the lackluster spaghetti strap or tank tops. Proving to be more versatile and fashion forward, corset outfits continue to possess their signature details with a dash of modern features like curved necklines and puff sleeves. 

Corset outfits grabbed the attention in the 70s as many designers and fashion labels used them as a statement, but this was short lived as the garment somehow failed to make it to the mainstream: streetwear! 

Today, we’re revisiting corset outfits by pairing them with modern garments like baggy jeans, midi dress, and even leather mini skirts. Thus, if you’re interested in reviving this classy fashion trend, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you’re going to find a variety of corset outfits that complement every body shape and size while helping you redefine sexy. 

How to Style a Corset?

The rule of thumb to styling any fashion garment is to not be intimidated by it. Styling is as challenging as you make it out to be. Therefore, amp up your wardrobe by introducing yourself to the corset outfits aesthetic; wear corset over shirt or under a leather jacket, be as creative as you like. 

Create classy corset outfits using modern fashion staples like tailored blazers, jumpsuits, dress shirts, slip dresses, etc. To exercise your creativity, you should know how versatile corsets truly are. You can find them in numerous designs and cuts like square-neck, puff-sleeve, strapless, peplum, tie-strap, pointed, and even hoodie corset. 

In addition to that, you have corsets available in different materials and fabrics like satin, printed, floral, and ribbed corsets. So basically, the idea is to understand the fabric and design, and cultivate an eclectic sense of style that can be pulled off easily for any occasion. Choose to accessorize as per need while experimenting every now and then. 

Chic Modern Corset Outfits Ideas

It is important to know what to wear with a corset so that you can subdue or elevate the look for sophistication or eccentricity. As the case may be. Here are some classy and cute corset ideas for you. 

Corset Outfits with Jeans

Of course, we had to give you some chic corset and jeans outfit ideas. You can opt for a black lace corset top and pair it with a high rise bell-bottom. Bring newness to the look by wearing a silk head scarf in pink and black ankle boots. This look is preppy and cute at the same time.

Corset Outfits with a Dress

There are so many cute outfits with corsets that you mix and match with dresses. Our best tip is to always use the contrasting technique. So what that means is, you go for a printed midi dress in white and pink and wear a black corset over it. Add a pair of black chunky boots and some statement bracelets around your wrists.

Corset Outfits with a Midi Skirt

Of course, after the dress, we had to give you a corset and skirt outfit idea. But this one is quite modern and gothic. Wear a black leather midi skirt with a black leather corset. Add matching aviators and chunky loafers to finish off the look.

Corset Outfits with Leather

There are numerous black corset outfit ideas that one can recreate simply by looking and being inspired by various celebrity looks. But the idea here is to reinvent yourself and explore your personal style. Thus, opt for a leather corset in black and wear it with a black leather peplum skirt. 

It’s sexy, bold and in your face. You can add a layer of an oversized leather jacket if you want to feel comfortable. Knee-high boots would work like magic with this outfit. 

Corset Outfits with a Button-Down

The most comfortable outfit that you can wear to a laid-back pool party or even at home is this one. An oversized white collared shirt dress with a black corset. This definitely makes it to the top ten black and white outfit lists of all time. You can complete the look with sandals if the occasion is casual. But add strappy heels if you’re trying to look smart and chic. 

Corset Outfits with a Tailored Jacket 

If you want to create a Semi-formal look, there’s nothing more trendy and attractive than a corset with a jacket. Wear a pair of tailored pants in black and opt for a black lace corset top. Wear a white blazer on top along with some statement necklaces. Be bold with this look and wear your hair up in a bun. Add stiletto heels to the dynamic and you’re the hottest diva on the block. 

Corset Outfits with a Suit

A look that is everywhere on social media is the corset top with a suit. And it’s super easy to recreate. Opt for a silk white tailored pant suit because you’re a boss lady and wear a black net corset top underneath to exude confidence and wear your sexuality on your sleeves. 

We would recommend wearing slightly longer pants with platform heels as it will accentuate your height and give you a taller appearance.  

Corset Outfits with T-Shirt Dress 

You can definitely create many casual corset outfits. For example, choose a pink oversized cotton t-shirt and wear a bright green corset over it and green leather shorts. Add a pair of white sneakers to the look and you’re ready to ace a casual look in this effortlessly cool attire. 

Corset Outfits with Jumpsuit

Yes – you heard that right. You CAN wear corsets with jumpsuits. In fact, if you want to give a twist to a terribly dull and repetitive jumpsuit outfit, you should go for this duo. Wear black sleeveless jumpsuit with a shimmery gold corset in leather. Wear a bold lipstick and your hair down in waves. 

Corset Outfits with Leather Skirt 

A corset top outfit looks the best with a leather skirt. Therefore, you can opt for a leather mini skirt along with fishnet tights underneath. Add knee-high boots to the dynamic and you’re gloriously set to look posh and pretty. 


How To Style A White Corset?

You can easily style a casual corset top
outfit in white. Simply opt for a beige turtleneck with green straight pants and a white corset over the top. Corset tops are all about layering and choosing the right color scheme to make things work. 

How To Wear A Corset Over T-Shirt?

Stop wondering how to wear a corset top casually because we have a brilliant idea for you. If you ever feel that you’ve worn a t-shirt way too many times, wear it again by giving it a twist. Pair it with a black corset and baby blue jeans. And you’re good to go. 

What Bottoms To Wear With A Corset?

No better way to style night out corset outfits than with jeans. Jeans have the ability to be chic and comfortable at the same time. You should definitely wear high rise ripped jeans if you’re trying to look glamorous.

Wrap Up

We hope you got some great corset top outfit ideas from this article. The idea was to nudge the creative side in you and give it a boost of confidence because we believe in you. You could be of any shape and size and still make corset tops look stylish and trendy. Work with layers and bring nuance to the look with colors. And that’s all you need to know for now. 

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