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Blue Suit Brown Shoes A Combination for Gentlemen? Here’s How You Can Ace It!

blue suit with brown shoes

Blue suits and brown shoes are undoubtedly among the most popular suit trends these days. This outfit combination certainly has a unique dapper vibe that can instantly add a touch of elegance to your whole look.

Blue and brown is a classic pairing in men’s wardrobes. Whether it is a busy day at work, an important business meeting, or a wedding party, this outfit combo will cover you for all.

However, suiting up in a blue and brown color combination is not as easy as it sounds. Apart from the right color contrast, there are a whole lot of other factors that influence your look. 

Fortunately, you can ace your blue suit with brown shoes with the right fashion knowledge in no time. Below you’ll get to know all you require to pull off a sharp blue suit and brown shoes look. So, let’s dig in!

Why Pair Blue Suit With Brown Shoes?

Undeniably, brown is the most appropriate color of shoes to wear with suits particularly blue suits to level up your look in no time, but before we get into the details of how to wear do justice to this vogue look. Let’s just first found out why you should. Here are a few key elements that make this combo the best among the lot.

Color Contrast 

The main reason why this color combo became everyone’s favorite lies in the contrast. The blue suit and brown shoes are a combination of two complementing tones having a perfect blend of sophistication and strength.

The blue color, with its various shades such as dark blue, navy blue, and light blue gives out a uniquely bold, and refined impression. While brown having a neutral earthly aura speaks for a men’s character and worthiness with polished masculine appeal.

Therefore, when you combine both of these two unique shades together, you maintain the perfect amount of balance between style and character, getting the best of both worlds.

Works For Every Skin Tone

Another benefit of wearing a blue suit brown dress shoe combo is its versatility. Whether you have a fair complexion or dusky skin, this combo will suit everyone regardless of skin color.

Apart from skin tones, body type and hair color are also not a problem when styling with shades of blue. This color has the ability to complement every shape and ethnicity.

So, If you are conscious about your physique in any way and want to find a perfect suit option for you. Go for a blue suit and brown shoe outfit combination without a second thought. 

Wide Choice Of Colors

Men’s blue suits and brown shoes come in various multiple tones and patterns, which makes them a versatile option to wear on countless different occasions.

Blue suits have a range of shades. From navy blue to light blue and sky blue, each shade has a different aura, but pretty much all of them complement well with brown shoes.

Speaking of the shoes, Out of all other types, brown dress shoes are the most appropriate option to pair with blue suits. Whether it is chestnut brown, medium brown, or tan shoes, you can wear all of them with your blue suit with an equally chic vibe.

When To Wear Brown Shoes With Blue Suit?

When To Wear Brown Shoes With Blue Suit?

The relishing aura of a blue suit makes them perfect for every event regardless of the weather and the time of the year. Here is a list of a few occasions that call for brown shoes and blue suit attire.

  • Summer hangout with friends and family 
  • Semi-formal Beach parties
  • Cocktail parties
  • Wedding reception parties
  • Lunch or dinner dates
  • Business Meetings
  • Business professional dress code events
  • Black tie optional dress code events
  • Educational Conferences

How To Wear Blue Shoes With Brown Shoes?

A blue suit with brown shoes is a dapper outfit combination especially if your profession demands you to be a people person such as a politician or a businessman. Here are a few styling tips and tricks that will help you pull off a sharp and esthetic blue suit and brown shoes look.

The Right Fit 

No matter how expensive your suit and dress shoes are. If they do not fit well on your body they will not look even half as good as they should or in some worst cases they will even make you look obsolete.

The right suit should feel snug at the shoulder with sleeves length approaching just right at the knuckles of your hands. Make sure the suit jacket closes effortlessly on your torso with sufficient space inside to breathe.

Additionally, your trouser should have a snug fit with a fine crease line showing in the front.


If you are going for brown shoes and a blue suit combination make sure to match all your accessories with the color of your shoes. It is better to opt for the leather belt and folio case to complement your dress shoes.

Additionally, If you are fond of wearing a wrist watch make sure to wear a leather strap to complement other accessories and leather shoes. You can go for different textures and shades, as it is difficult to find the exact leather finish for all your accessories and shoes. 

Whether you go for brown formal leather oxford shoes or suede loafers with suits, brown leather accessories will take you a long way when styled correctly.

Shirt Color 

The common styling blunder that most men commit is wearing a blue suit with a dark color dress shirt

Whether you are wearing a navy, dark blue or sky blue suit, never opt for a dark-shade dress shirt, instead go for light tones like white, nude pink, and sky blue for maximum style.

The nude pink and sky blue shirts are appropriate to wear at semi-formal occasions such as cocktail parties or beach parties. However, for business professional work meetings and black tie optional events, it is better to wear a blue suit with a white shirt for an everlasting impression.


The choice of your tie plays an impactful role in deciding the overall vibe of your suit, it can make or break your entire look. Here are five foolproof tie colors that best complement a blue suit and brown shoes outfit.

  • Blue Tie

If you can’t decide on the perfect tie, go with a shade of blue that closely resembles the color of your suit. Going for a plain similar shade is a safe choice that pretty much works every time.

However, if you desire to add a little contrast through your tie choice, going for an extreme opposite blue hue is a good choice. Wearing a light blue tie with a navy or dark blue suit is a perfect example of contrasting hues.

  • Brown Tie 

Matching your shoes with a tie is a classic trick for a dapper look. So, wearing a brown tie with a blue suit and brown shoes will work great considering the theme.

However, wearing a brown tie is an effortless combination but it is not worn often. So, wearing this suit and tie combination would be a great way to create a style statement, effortlessly.

  • Burgundy Tie 

While wearing a red tie would be too bright for a blue suit and brown shoe combo, a burgundy red textured tie will be a great option to go about. This color contrast will work great with most brown shoes, especially the ones with red undertones.

  • Orange Tie

Although, not everyone can pull off an orange tie but is a great tie color to wear with brown shoes and a blue suit. Orange being on the opposite side of the color spectrum makes the perfect contrast to elevate your blue suit attire.

Since orange and brown belong to the same color family, an orange tie also makes a great match with your brown dress shoes.

  • Grey Tie 

Grey is the perfect color whether you are wearing a semi-casual jeans outfit or a blue suit with brown casual leather shoes. A grey tie may not be a bold style statement like a burgundy or orange tie but has a more subtle and classy vibe; perfect to complement all your blue suit attires.

  1. Socks 

So, the question is what color socks to wear with a blue suit and brown shoes? Although socks seem like an irrelevant element as compared to the other important accessories. But, if not chosen carefully can be disastrous for your entire look.

As a rule of thumb, the color of your socks should be the same as the color of your pants. Make sure the socks are of good quality and blend well with your suit.

For a wedding party blue suit and brown shoes with similar socks would be a great combo. However, for other less formal events, you can also go for interesting patterns to stand out.

What Color Shoes With A Blue Suit?

Now that you know all about styling blue suits with brown shoes. Here are different shades of blue and brown that you can mix and match to create a dapper look.

1. Navy Blue Suit With Brown Shoes

1. Navy Blue Suit With Brown Shoes

Navy blue or royal blue suits with brown shoes are usually the most preferred outfit combo of businessmen and politicians. Wear this suit with dark brown dress shoes for maximum impact.

2. Dark Blue Suit Brown Shoes 

2. Dark Blue Suit Brown Shoes 

Apart from the business professional dress code, dark blue suits can be worn at night time weddings and cocktail parties. However, do not pair them with tan or medium-brown shoes. Dark brown and chocolate brown make the best match with dark blue suits.

3. Light Blue Suits With Brown Shoes 

3. Light Blue Suits With Brown Shoes 

Light blue suits are best suited for daytime events such as lunch dates and beach parties. Pair them with tan or light brown dress shoes to make the most out of them.


Blue suits and brown shoes are an effortlessly chic combination to wear on semi-formal occasions. A dark blue suit with brown shoes is an appropriate outfit for most business professionals and politicians while a light blue suit with brown shoes works well for daytime weddings and parties.

However, a royal blue suit with brown shoes is a dapper combination for nighttime cocktail parties and events. Lastly, choose appropriate accessories to complement your blue suit and brown shoe attire.

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