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Outfit Guide: How to achieve Attractive Fashion for Chubby Guys

attractive fashion for chubby guys

Have trouble fitting into your old clothes? If you too find it difficult to button up your shirt then, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. 

So what if you’re chubby, plus-sized, or overweight? You should not be ashamed of gaining a few pounds, we just came out of a pandemic after all. 

Big brands, almost effortlessly, seem to always let big boys out of their collections. The reality of plus-sized bodies is foreign to them. Well, who needs them. Fashion for overweight men is a whole field that many others are exploring. There are plenty of clothing companies and brands that cater to the needs of men of all shapes and sizes.

Outfits for big guys just require a bit more planning. It’s all about figuring out what works and looks flattering on your body shape. Here are some tips on what to wear to flatter your figure. 

The Perfect Fit 

The Perfect Fit 

You may be tempted to wear baggy and loose clothes but they won’t be doing you any favors. Extremely tight-fitted clothes are also a no-no. What you’re looking for is a middle ground. The best option for overweight men is to go for clothes that just rest lightly on one’s body.

The perfect fit will allow you to move your arms around freely.  You should be able to close all your buttons without any restraint. As for trousers, they shouldn’t feel tight or cut into your waist or knees when you try to sit. 

On the other hand, If the streetwear trend is your goal then, athletic gear is the way to go but if you need a fresh look for your 9-5 job, then something well-tailored will be better suited. 

Gravitate Towards Solid Colors 

Your body shape is the first thing people will notice when you enter a room so it’s best to not wear something that allows them to make jokes. Neutral and solids are the way to go. Colors like black, gray, navy blue, beige and more are some great options, they aren’t too bright nor too dull and create a great base for adding on layers. 

Standard Patterns are your Best Friend 

Instead of busy prints and wild graphics, try out easy breezy prints that generate interest. Try pairing a dark-toned shirt with a checked overshirt, this sporty look is bound to be a hit.  

Play to your Strengths 

You don’t necessarily have to be toned to get the look. Some fashion hacks can give the illusion of a slimmer waist and broad shoulders;

  • Try tucking your shirt into your trousers and decorating with a nice simple belt. It draws focus away from the tummy while enhancing the waistline.
  • Pick out darker clothing options for the areas you want to conceal like, your belly and thighs, and wear lighter tones over your more confident areas. 
  • Keep the focus around your collar by picking shirts with v-necks. This trick will help to keep attention off your gut. 

Keep it Structured 

Want to achieve the well-dressed fat guy look? Structured clothing is the way to go. Clothes that are nicely tailored, with a good shape, can automatically make a rounded body look more structured. Clothing options including blazers, jackets, and long coats can naturally frame your body shape. The same goes for bottoms too. 

Well-tailored trousers are the way to go. They create a lengthened, skinning effect. Choose trousers that cut just above the ankles and have a narrow leg, for a more sleek and dapper look. 

Outfits for Big Guys 

Being overweight or plus size is nothing to be embarrassed about. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, the art lies in understanding what looks flattering on your particular body type. Here are 5 outfit ideas that can make you a big guy style icon; 

Business Casual for Fat Guys 

For a cool guy look at the office, try pairing jeans with a buttoned-down shirt. Layer with a bomber jacket and complete the look with dress boots or casual shoes

Casual Fashion for Big Guys 

Casual Fashion for Big Guys 

A collared preppy shirt and well-tailored pants are a great everyday option. To put a skip in your step, pair it with shoes of your liking! 

Cocktail Attire for Big Guys 

Cocktail Attire for Big Guys 

It’s a fact, every guy just looks good in a suit. Chubby guys look devilishly handsome in well-tailored two-pieces with crisp tucked-in shirts. Add on some dress shoes and the look is bound to get noticed. 

Summer Fashion for Big Guys 

Summer Fashion for Big Guys 

Try and beat the heat with breezy linen shirts, denim shorts, and white sneakers. Swap the sneakers for flip-flops and you’re ready for the beach. 

Well-dressed Fat Man for Date Night 

Well-dressed Fat Man for Date Night 

Are the nerves making you jittery? Confidence is key on a date and your outfit will provide just that. Try pairing a dark denim shirt with matching jeans, a simple white tee, and black sneakers/boots. Accessorize with a stylish watch, and don’t forget cologne to woo your date. 


How to dress like a big guy?

Structured clothing is the best option for big guys. Blazers, jackets, and coats are great ways to draw attention to your more admirable traits. Button-down shirts and well-tailored trousers are also some must-haves in your closet. 

Style tips for bigger guys? 

-Pick solid colors 
-Avoid baggy clothes 
-Make use of belts 
– Incorporate structured clothing into your wardrobe
-Pick minimalistic prints 

Tips for big guys to dress and look thinner?

Tucking in your shirt and using a belt can give an illusion of a thinner waist. Well-tailored clothes offer the best fit and hence make you look your slimmest. 

Can chubby guys pull off printed shirts? 

Yes, they can. Instead of loud and noisy prints, gravitate towards muted and standard prints like, checks and stripes. A striped shirt, for example, can create an illusion of a fit body. 

What colors work best for chubby guys? 

Neutral and solid colors like black, white, gray, blue, and green work best for chubby guys. Avoid bright colors to steer clear of unwanted attention. 

Master the Art of Fashion for Overweight Guys 

It’s astonishing how people still question whether fashion is for overweight men. Being overweight does not limit your options. With a little bit of knowledge and inspiration, you too can master any look. An outfit is waiting to be worn, all it needs is a little bit of effort. 

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