What Is Pigmented Leather?

what is Pigmented Leather

The universe is full of various fabrics and types of leather used in many clothing, lifestyle accessories, and appliances. The leather industry is evolving day by day with technological advancements making it easier to produce newer advanced materials. 

Pigmented leather is also one of the items born through various processes of dyeing and tanning. 

What It Really Is

Pigmented leather

Also known as Protected Leather, this type of leather has pigment particles that completely transform the leather surface, giving it an opaque finish. It is due to this type of finishing that the natural grains are practically invisible. On the upside, this type of finish does offer great durability. A good choice for those who are willing to compromise on the natural look and feel of leather.  

How it Is Made

How is leather made

The pigmented leather is highly treated, which makes it durable. Firstly, the hides are buffed smooth to eliminate the scars and imperfections. Then the leather is pigmented using a color coat before being embossed for texture. This coat makes the leather water-resistant and durable. 

Characteristics Of Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather offers great durability and functionality along with many characteristics. 

Vigorous Color

Colored Pigmented leather

Due to the spray dye, the color is uniform throughout the hide, which is also resistant to fading. 


Trouble free pigmented leather

As the name implies, the protective layer plays a major role in making the hide free of maintenance work. 

It also makes it easier to clean the upholstery. 


Water-resistance in leather

Due to the smooth surface and the protective coating, it is impossible for the water vapors to pass through the surface. This makes the leather water and stain-resistant. 


Due to the buffing of the hide, the leather loses its expensive nature. Which makes it inexpensive than full-grain, Nubuck leather, and aniline leather. 


Appearance of Pigmented leather

The appearance of pigmented leather is less luxe due to the topcoat. The topcoat and the smooth opaque surface steal the delight of the leather. 

How does it Feel?

Surface of Pigmented leather

Pigmented leather is hard to touch. And unbreathable to wear. Due to the topcoat, the grains and pores are embossed to the upholstery which makes the natural pores fill up, hence making the leather unbreathable. 

The Care Guide

Pigmented leather care guide

Care of pigmented leather is easy as it is resistant to vapors indulging upholstery. A damp cloth can be used to remove the stains. And a normal DIY leather conditioner can be used to condition it. 


The pigmented leather is a durable type of leather that is used in many items such as custom leather jackets, sofa’s, couches, belts, wallets, and automobile seats. Due to its topcoat pigmentation, the leather is easy to maintain. And also resists fades and scuffs. 

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