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A Silver Lining to the Plus Size Fashion Problems

While many would agree that fashion is fun, accepting, and life-changing, few would agree to it being inclusive. As wide a landscape as it enjoys its presence, there are many who have been overlooked simply because of their size.

If you’re familiar with how the fashion industry works, you’d agree to the existence of a predisposition, especially regarding the issue of sizing.

If you look closely, many people; especially those belonging to a plus-size range have been experiencing great difficulties for many years, in getting their favorite fashion pieces or the season’s latest apparel in their particular size.

Plus-Size Consumer Concerns

From a plus-size consumer point of view, some of the most commonly shared concerns regarding this issue, include but are not limited to the following:

  1. A  very limited selection of options that are far from flattering, fitting or otherwise.
  2. The unavailability of the majority of pieces that are trendier and current. These are accessible in many other sizes, except genuine plus sizes.
  3. Physical stores that do carry plus sizes, are outdated and are in a small secluded area of the store.
  4. This seclusion makes this section, tough to see at first glance, which makes shopping even more tedious for a plus-size person.

Although the above-mentioned issues are but a few of many difficulties faced by plus-sized individuals, the limited options and inaccessibility make it difficult for plus-sized people to shop freely and enjoyable as fashion is often portrayed from many different stand-points.

So the question isn’t so much as why this happens within the fashion industry but rather what can be done to make it easier for plus-sized individuals to shop for stylish products that they’d like to wear and feel good in. Isn’t that one of the reasons why fashion exists?

A Plus Size Silver Lining

Simply put, plus-size people expect the same treatment as normal consumers, wear what everyone else is wearing. A plus-size blogger was quoted as “I cannot wait for the day when you can walk into any store and get any piece in all sizes.”

It would be fair to say, that over the last couple of years, there has been a tiny ripple towards change within this plus-size issue. A few brands have initiated a change for the better, regardless of the lack of coverage or support, enabling plus-sized people to shop their heart’s content.

The Jacket Maker

keeping in mind these sentiments, issues, and concerns of all plus-size people, and seeking to contribute towards a positive change with the hopes of it having a snowball effect, The Jacket Maker is one place you can get literally any jacket from the assortment available, made-to-measure as well as custom outerwear for men and women.

Not only does The Jacket Maker offer a wide range of leather outerwear but also enables customers to get any jacket made in their particular size.

The cost? The exact same for all sizes up to 4XL. Sure, that isn’t a cut-off size at The Jacket Maker, it only means that any size beyond this, depends on additional leather usage that is reflected in the change of price.

Through customer requests, The Jacket Maker has entertained many ‘plus-size’ individuals, who not only loved the products they received but who also appreciated the experience and attention through one on one customer and consultant correspondence.

In Closing…

It may be a while before this plus-sized issue is resolved. Involving easy access to all fashion products for plus-sized individuals and giving them as many options as any other fashion consumer.

On the bright side, there are already some brands on the rise to speed up this process and transform the plus-size shopping experience for the better.

What would be even better is to drop us an email sharing your problems regarding your size issue, helping us to better understand any other needs of plus-sized people that we may be missing. This would totally help us in catering to your size requirements in a much better way.

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