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Everything You Need To Know About Leather Jacket Repair

leather jacket repair

Leather jackets are expensive and a significant investment – so when you find a tear on a valuable piece, you could feel like crying and throwing a fit. But if you think that would solve the problem, you must think differently. Have you heard about leather jacket repair? There are so many ways to repair your leather jacket by applying quick but effective measures. In this guide, we’re going to explain to you all the methods you can use to repair your leather jacket. Let’s get started.

Authentic Ways To Fix A Leather Jacket – Repairing A Leather Jacket 

Authentic Ways To Fix A Leather Jacket – Repairing A Leather Jacket 

If your leather jacket gets tears or rips from its surface, you should ideally send it to get professionally assessed and repaired. However, if you want to save money and fix the issue yourself, you can also do that. Following are some of the common problems that occur with custom leather jackets along with their solutions. 

How To Fix A Ripped Leather Jacket?

How To Fix A Ripped Leather Jacket?

Get a sub patch that you need to trim and bring it down to an appropriate size that fits the ripped area. You will place the sub-patch on that tear and firmly place your hand on it to smoothen the surface and make it even. Make sure there are no wrinkles or folds. Put a little amount of leather glue on the subpatch which is placed right under the torn leather. Let it dry for 24 hours. Use the same glue if you need a zipper repair on a leather jacket. 

Leather Glue To Fix A Tear In A Leather Jacket

Are you worried about a tear on your leather jacket and don’t want to send it over for professional maintenance? Getting your leather coat repaired is one financial headache that we all want to avoid. If yes, leather glue is the solution. Leather or vinyl adhesives are easily available that you can use to fix tears on your leather jacket. 

Repair Torn Leather Jacket – Fix Scratches And Scuffs With Leather Repair Compound

Repair Torn Leather Jacket – Fix Scratches And Scuffs With Leather Repair Compound

The leather compound is a product that is easily available in departmental stores, specifically the home care sections. You can purchase leather compounds and use them as applicators on the minor scratches and scuffs that appear on your leather jacket over time with wear and exposure. Use a knife to scrape the compound from the bottle and buff it on sandpaper to smoothen it. 

Depending on the amount of irregularities, you would have to apply another layer of leather compound. It’s possible that now there would be a slight difference in the color of the jacket – the parts touched by the compound. You can use leather dye to fix that aspect – find the best shade that matches the original color of your leather jacket and apply it on the exterior. 

How To Fix A Cracked Leather Jacket? High-Quality Conditioner To the Rescue!

No matter how hard you try, after some time, leather will wear out – due to exposure to sunlight, dirt, and other impurities. Because of this, leather jackets can sometimes get cracked. And no one likes to wear a damaged leather jacket. Now you must wonder if you can fix leather cracks. During the tanning process, the naturally existing protein in animal hides is replaced with tanning agents – this reduces their strength and ability to resist abrasions and replenish. Leather itself is made of hundreds of fibers and so when the leather cracks, the damage is pretty permanent. What you can do is hide and reduce the damage. 

The best solution is to use a leather conditioner. Therefore, the minute you see cracks developing on your leather jacket, assess it and see if the cracks are on the surface and require quick fixes – leather conditioning. If the problem is deeper than that, you have to use a leather filler. Take the leather jacket and clean it using a microfiber cloth dipped in mild soap. Let it dry overnight and make sure no moisture is on it before you take a knife to apply leather filler on the cracks. Remove the excess using the same knife. Now let it dry for six hours. 

5 Authentic Ways To Fix A Peeling Leather Jacket

5 Authentic Ways To Fix A Peeling Leather Jacket

When a leather jacket gets old and worn out, it might start to peel. Here are some ways you can fix a peeling leather jacket:

Oil Fillers

One of the most effective treatments is using oil fillers to repair a jacket from peeling. Remove the peeling leather from the jacket using your fingers. Now apply the oil filler using a knife on the part that requires attention. Make sure you remove the excess and only apply on the peeled surface. 


This is the easiest trick in the book – remove the peeling pieces and use a marker to cover the peeled surface. Of course, the marker should be the exact same color as the leather jacket. 

Nail Paint

Remove the peeling part and clean the leather jacket carefully and make sure there is no moisture left on the surface. Now carefully use nail paint – the same color as the leather – and apply it on the peeled surface to cover up. 

Leather Paint

The best way to conceal leather peels is by using leather paint; acrylics being the best option for you. Thus, if your leather jacket has a leather peel, clean it properly and use leather paint to cover the peeled surface. 

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioners are easily available online and in department stores. All you have to do is wipe the leather jacket clean using a damped microfiber cloth and then take out the peeled pieces using your fingers or a razor if you’re completely careful and comfortable with it. Then let the moisture dry out for 24 hours. Now apply leather conditioner on the peeled section and remove the excess using a knife. Allow the leather jacket to rest and dry out on its own for at least 6 hours. 

Can You Fix A Hole In A Leather Jacket?

If the hole is big enough, it cannot be fixed. However, if it’s a minor rip or a tiny hole, you can use a leather filler to fix it. 


Can A Leather Jacket Be Repaired?

Yes, a leather jacket can be repaired. The best way is to seek professional help, but you can also use simple hacks at home to solve the problem.

How To Repair Scratches On A Leather Jacket?

You can repair scratches on a leather jacket using a leather conditioner. Find a good quality leather conditioner from a department store and apply it to the area that requires repair. Make sure you let it dry out before you wear it again. 

How Do You Regenerate A Leather Jacket?

Leather is made from animal hide, and like any other skin, if it doesn’t receive proper care and maintenance, it developed wrinkles with faded hues or worse. The best way to regenerate a leather jacket is to clean it using mild soap and microfiber cloth. The next step is to let the moisture dry and then apply leather conditioner on areas that require attention. Then give it 6 hours to dry. 

Can Real Leather Be Repaired?

Yes, real leather can be repaired but it won’t retain its original strength and durability due to the exposure to chemicals. 

Is Vaseline Good To Restore Leather?

Vaseline can be good if you want to soften the leather, however, it’s best to stick to actual solutions and not indulge in random DIY with no practical backing. 


Leather jackets are expensive and valuable items that one invests in. Any item that is luxurious should be given due care and maintenance so as to benefit and make the most of its worth. Being a high-maintenance product, all types of leather jackets can easily develop problems like leather cracks, leather peeling, and leather scratches. There are proper solutions for these issues – like leather conditioning and leather filling which you can use as fixes. 

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