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How To Make Shoes Bigger? Widen Your Shoes

how to make shoes bigger

Shoes are the one accessory that can elevate your whole look in no time. They add an element of ‘wow’ to any outfit. The problem with dress shoes is finding the perfect fit. Most of the time you’ll end up questioning how to make shoes bigger. A certain princess literally has a complete fairytale based around a shoe and now it all makes sense. 

Shoes have all these different parts to them like soles and heels but what we see is the final product. Whether it be casual derby shoes or a formal pair of Oxfords, the thing that matters the most is how comfortable the shoe is. Finding a shoe that fits you perfectly is obviously the goal but sometimes you may end up with a shoe that is a bit tighter than you would like. 

Maybe you bought a shoe that’s half a size smaller than your actual size or maybe someone gifted you a smaller pair. Whatever the case is, knowing how to make shoes bigger should be something everyone ought to know how to do. 

How To Know If Your Shoes Are Too Tight? 

Before we get into all the tips and tricks on how to make shoes bigger, it’s important that you understand which shoes you can use these hacks on. You can use them if;

  • Your shoes are half a size too small.
  • You can walk in your shoes.
  • Your toes aren’t scrunched up.
  • No part of your foot is under extreme pressure. 

If you resonate with any of these points then don’t worry, some harmless shoe stretching will fix up your favorite pairs in a jiffy. 

6 Ways To Make Your Shoes Bigger! 

There are certain things that can instantly put you in a bad mood. A pair of shoes that are too small are one of those things. No one wants to roam around wearing a pair of shoes that look stunning but are uncomfortable to walk in. Down below we have mentioned 5 different ways for you to salvage your favorite pair of shoes easily. 

1. Break Your Shoes In! 

Break Your Shoes In! 

DIYs and professional techniques are great and all but breaking your shoes in can do miracles for you. This hack is easy peasy. All you have to do is wear your shoes around the house, while doing chores, or even just to take a walk in. If you’re wondering how to widen shoes then this tip is a must-try. 

If you try this technique 3-4 days before an event, it will guarantee a difference in the way your shoes fit. Another pro tip is to wear a pair of thick socks to protect your feet from blisters. 

2. Thick Socks And A Blow Dryer

Thick Socks And A Blow Dryer

If you’re wondering about how to make leather shoes bigger then we have just the solution for you. All you need is a pair of thick socks, a hairdryer, and a pair of tight-fitting shoes.


  • Slip on your thickest pair of socks, followed by your pair of tight-fitting shoes.
  • Take your blow dryer and set it to its medium setting. Begin to blow heat from a distance of 1 foot away towards the tight places of your shoe.
  • While you’re blow drying, make sure to wiggle your toes around to further help with the stretching. 
  • Now walk around in the shoes until they begin to cool down to help with the stretching process.
  • Take off your socks and walk in just your shoes. Do they fit better? If not, repeat all the steps. You can continue this process until you are absolutely satisfied. 

3. Stretch Shoes In a Freezer 

Stretch Shoes In a Freezer 

Trust us. It works. No, you don’t have to mix it up with all the food in there. We’re going to have to use a little bit of science to make this one work. Firstly, you have to fill a small plastic bag or ziplock with water.

Seal it and place one into each shoe. This allows the water to take the shape of the shoe. When you place the shoes in the freezer, the water will solidify causing the shoe to expand. If you have a shoe that is tighter near the toe area then this technique is ideal for you. 


  • Fill 2 medium-sized bags with water and seal them tight.
  • Place these bags into your pair of tight shoes. 
  • Now place the shoes into a bigger plastic bag to protect the shoes in the freezer. 
  • Leave the shoes overnight or for around 5-6 hours. 
  • Once you take them out be careful to not apply too much pressure on the shoes. Dispense the bags and try on your stretched-out shoes! 

4. A Handy Dandy Shoe Stretching Tool

A Handy Dandy Shoe Stretching Tool

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution then a shoe stretching tool is the way to go. 

Shoes that are too small can ruin your whole mood. DIYs can offer a temporary fix but a shoe stretching tool is one of your best options.

When we talk about stretching a shoe, we have to keep in mind that we want both the width and the length of the shoe to expand.

A two-in-one stretcher will allow you to adjust both the length and width of the shoe. Some tools even come with the option of stretching space only around the toe area. Whatever the case is, figuring out what part of the shoe you need to stretch is important.

Whether it be shoes with wooden soles or different types of leather loafers, this tool is great for all. Once you figure out which one is for you it’s time to learn how to use it. The way to use this tool is super easy.


  • If the shoe stretcher tool comes with a liquid, spray it before using it. If not, continue to skip to the next step.
  • Place the shoe stretcher inside the tight shoe. 
  • Rotate the knob of the tool to allow the shoe to stretch. Don’t go overboard with the number of turns. You want to start small because nothing is worse than a deformed shoe.
  • Leave the shoe stretching tool inside the shoe overnight. 
  • Repeat the steps with the other pair. 

This technique is effective and great for shoes that are made of softer materials like soft leather and suedes. You can level up by a complete shoe size just by using this tool.

5. Use a Professional Cobbler

 Use a Professional Cobbler

When all else fails it’s best to turn to a professional. If these DIYs and tips haven’t worked out for you then an easy way is to go to a cobbler. A cobbler can stretch out your shoes up to at least a whole size bigger. 

Spending money on a professional is a good option especially when you have a favorite pair of shoes or if you’ve got a gift you can’t return. If you don’t want to risk ruining expensive shoes with different tips and tricks, then a cobbler is your safest bet. 

FAQs – How to Make Shoes Bigger

Can You Stretch Shoes a Size Bigger?

Yes, you can stretch shoes a size bigger by using different techniques to stretch tight shoes. You can also size up by asking a cobbler for help.

How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Small?

You can tell if shoes are too small by walking around in them and by moving your toes around to see if there is enough wiggle room available. If you feel as though your feet are under excessive pressure then your shoes are probably too small. 

Conclusion – Widening Your Shoes Has Never Been Easier

A good pair of shoes can get you to places you couldn’t on your own. Whether it be men’s dress sneakers, men’s dress sandals, or women’s heels, shoes are a wardrobe staple. Comfortable shoes can make your life a whole lot easier.

Shoes that are too small can ruin your mood, cause issues like bunions and blisters, and are just downright uncomfortable to wear. 

We hope all these techniques on how to make small shoes bigger help you with your pairs of tight shoes. Just remember to be careful when trying out all these tips and tricks. 

What are you waiting for? Get up and try out these hacks on any tight fitting shoe of yours! 

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