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How To Get Ink Out Of Leather?

how to get ink out of leather

When it comes to stains, ink stains are the hardest to get rid of. Leather being extremely porous easily absorbs ink and gets stained – that are supremely difficult to remove. Also being expensive, you want the leather jackets (or other leather products) to stay in their best condition for as long as possible. So, how do you make sure of that? Well, there are some ways you can get ink out of leather and do a proper leather jacket repair. In this guide, we’re going to talk about ink stains and how to get ink out of leather. 

Can You Get Ink Out of Leather? 

Can You Get Ink Out of Leather? 

Can you get ink out of different types of leather jackets? Of course, you can. But before you discover the process of removing ink from leather, you must first understand the type of leather you are dealing with. 

For instance, aniline leather is a particular finish that doesn’t have any coating. This makes it susceptible to stains despite being durable fabric. When it comes to dealing with pigmented leather, this finishing comes with a double packaging of sorts – not only is it considered best for furniture, but it is also durable and resistant to abrasions and scruffs. Semi-aniline is another type of leather that is durable and extremely resistant to stains. 

Depending on the three types of leather we discussed, it would be easier to get rid of ink stains from pigmented, semi-aniline, and then aniline leather. 

Methods to Remove Ink from Leather

Methods to Remove Ink from Leather

Here are some methods you can use to remove ink from your leather. 

Soap & Water

If the ink stain is fresh, you can simply use a soap and water mixture to clean it off. Damp a microfibre cloth in this mixture and gently dab it on the ink stain. Avoid rubbing or using any kind of circular motion. Let it dry out.  


Ideally, it is advised to not use alcohol in regard to cleaning leather, but if used in moderation and with utmost attention, it can be useful in removing ink stains. What you need to do is take a cotton bud and dip it in rubbing alcohol for a second. Lightly dab this cotton bud on the ink stains. Now use a microfibre cloth soaked in soap water to clean the excess and let it dry. 


When it comes to DIY cleaning agents, the list cannot be completed without the mention of vinegar – a great agent responsible for fighting oil and difficult stains. The reason why vinegar works best as a cleaning agent is the acetic acid found in the solution. Thus, dab a cotton bud in vinegar (which could be mixed with olive oil) and apply it directly onto the ink stain. Don’t rub, it can smudge the stain on your custom leather jacket or whichever leather product you want stain-free.

Nail Polish Remover

Before you go ahead and use just about any nail polish remover, know that nail polish removers with acetone content are not advised because they cause discoloration. Now apply nail polish remover on the stain and then gently use water spray to rinse off the excess. 


Take a microfibre cloth and use hairspray on it. Now gently dab this cloth on the stain, don’t rub. Try this method on leather jackets, leather furniture, or other leather accessories. 

Magic Eraser

If you want to get rid of ink stains, a magic eraser will serve you as one of the best cleaning agents. Dip the magic eraser in water and use a cotton bud to dab this solution on the ink stain. 


Does Magic Eraser Work On Ink On Leather?

Yes, a magic eraser works like magic on ink stains. You can use it, mixed in water, to remove ink stains from leather. 

Does Rubbing Alcohol Stain Leather?

Yes, you should not rub alcohol on clean leather as it can cause discoloration. However, use it mildly with a cotton bud directly on an ink stain, and it will not affect the quality of the leather. 

What Is The Best Ink Remover For Leather?

Magic eraser is the best cleaning agent for removing ink stains on leather. 

Can Sanitizer Remove Ink From Leather?

It can, but it is best to use the magic eraser or water and soap solution to remove ink stains.


Ink stains can be really painful when the leather product you’ve purchased is expensive. There are so many ways you can remove ink stains from leather – depending on the type of leather the stain is on. Although a magic eraser is deemed best in this situation, vinegar and alcohol are some of the other DIY solutions for getting ink out of leather.

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