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How To Clean Leather Bag? The Best Way You Can Clean Your Expensive Leather Bag

how to clean leather bag

Leather is an expensive fabric that exudes power and luxury. If you’re someone who loves to collect leather handbags or simply fond of taking care of your newly purchased leather bag, the first thing you must learn is to take care of it. 

You must make sure it receives the gentle care and maintenance that it deserves to stay in its best condition for as long as possible; considering how expensive leather business bags usually are, this is a given. It’s honestly unnecessary to give out your leather bag for professional cleaning services when all you need is a leather bag cleaner and a basic understanding to do it all by yourself. 

In this guide, we’re going to guide you regarding the cleaning of leather bags. Continue to read to find out important tips and hacks to clean your leather bag. 

Leather Bag Cleaner Guide –  Supplies You’ll Require

Leather Bag Cleaner Guide –  Supplies You’ll Require

Wondering how to clean a leather bag at home? We’re here to educate you on how to wash leather bags all by yourself. Here’s the list of cleaning supplies you will require: 

  • Leather conditioner
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Mild dish soap
  • Room temperature water
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Baking Soda or lemon

How To Clean Leather Bag At Home – Tips To Remember

When you clean your leather bag, make sure you keep the following tips in mind.

Know The Leather Type

When you clean your leather handbag, make sure you evaluate the type of leather it is. Of course, it’s even better to speculate before you even make the purchase. Full-grain leather is the best quality leather for various reasons. Not only does it age better and develop patina but it’s also more durable and ensures longevity. 

Condition It Regularly

Buying a leather bag comes with its set of requirements. The most important one you must keep in mind is its conditioning. To keep your leather handbag in its best state, you should condition it regularly. There are several leather conditioners available in the market – you can condition your leather at home by yourself at least twice a year. This way, it will be in its best state for a long and look as magnificent as you first purchased it.

Be Gentle

When it comes to cleaning, we tend to be a little impatient. Therefore, make sure when you use conditioner or clean it with a dampened cloth, you move in circular motions instead of rubbing it aggressively. All the best leather bags are expensive and that’s why they come with disclaimers to handle with care. 

Dry Without Hasting

Drying out leather is an important step and many people want to haste it; probably because it is the last step and people have now run out of patience. Anyway, it’s best to let your leather bag air dry on its own. It takes about 24 to 36 hours. However, if you still want to speed up the process, you can use a hair dryer at its lowest speed. 

Use Rubbing Alcohol For Ink Stains

Ink stains are tough to get rid of and quite risky as they can spread all over and ruin the bag entirely. So, you need to handle it with care. First, clean it with a soapy mixture using a microfibre cloth and gently apply rubbing alcohol on the ink stains. Finally, apply conditioner and then let it air dry for a day.

Clean With a Soapy Mixture

A great leather cleaner for bags is a mixture of water and soap. You will use a microfibre cloth and dampen it in this mixture. Now rub it in circular motions to clean it. This way all the surface-level dirt will get cleaned. 


Is It OK to Wash Leather Bags?

Don’t directly wash custom leather bags with water. Use a microfibre cloth and dampen it in a water and soapy mixture. Now use this cloth to clean the bags. 

Can You Clean Leather Bag With Dish Soap?

Yes, you can clean a leather bag with dish soap. Make sure you mix it in water to form a solution and use a microfibre cloth to clean it.

Can I Use Wipes To Clean My Leather Bag?

Yes, you can use wipes to clean your custom bags

Does Vinegar Clean Leather Bags?

Vinegar is quite strong in essence – therefore, what you should do is dilute it with water. Create a vinegar and water solution and use a cloth to clean the leather bag. It will mostly help in removing stains. 

Does Water Ruin Leather Bags?

If you drench your leather bag in water, of course, it will get ruined. However, if you mix water and vinegar, you can easily clean it without damaging the bag. 

How To Wash Leather Bag Inside?

Empty the bag and then clean the inside of the bag with a dampened cloth and use a conditioner to wash the bag entirely. Make sure you leave it for air drying for a day at least – it will stop the bag from smelling bad. 

How To Clean White Leather Bag?

To clean a white leather bag, you have to take one spoonful of baking soda and mix it in water. Now directly apply this paste on the stains and marks on your white leather bag. Now you will condition the leather bag and let it air dry. 

How To Clean Black Leather Bag?

Use saddle soap and directly rub it on the surface of your black leather bag. This will help clean all the dirt and remove stains. Now condition the leather bag and let it dry before using it for another 24 hours. 


Leather bags are a luxurious purchase and so one must ensure they remain in their best condition for as long as possible to maximize the benefits of the investment. The best way to keep the leather travel bags clean and tidy is to use leather conditioners, water, and soapy mixtures with microfibre cloths, baking soda pastes, and even saddle soaps. You can also learn how to clean a leather purse from our authentic source. 

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