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It’s the season to be jolly… yes it is! Especially at The Jacket Maker Head Quarters where we are all the happiest and determined to have all orders ready and shipped in time for the holidays. With so many orders being handled, we noticed quite a few people who look for something especially unique, season appropriate and oh so stylish, yet are not sure what exactly that may be for them. Here we share with you four basic inspirational pieces that will surely get your creative juices flowing. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, we give you alternative ideas for those looking for something outside the box.

Understated Style with Edgy Detail for Your Inner Diva
Understated Style with Edgy Detail for Your Inner Diva

Daring Divas

Designed for those looking for understated style yet noticeably edgy detail. This makes for a distinctive combo that we know many would love to rock around the Christmas tree. With a figure flattering silhouette and built-in paneling that create a modern twist to this piece, the studs that are peppered across the front is where the real interest is magnified, giving this piece a trendy festive appropriate flair. Go all black or contrast it with pops of colour, you can incorporate this piece in a casual way as well as a dressed-up look for some bad-ass appeal.

Make a Statement In a Modern, Digital Inspired Way
Make a Statement In a Modern, Digital Inspired Way

The Fashionista

From channeling a traditionally hot colour as orange with the essence of tan that lingers on, this piece is ideal for the young fashionista. Whether seeking to make a holiday statement in a modern, digital inspired way or simply looking to stand-out from the crowd, this would be the sort of piece to go for. Giving you the strikingly cool cut and the playful use of quilting that gives this piece a very alternative style that you could ‘sleigh’  with little to no effort. You can go the monochromatic route or keep it as the star of your look by teaming neutrals with this eye-catching piece. If you’re going for accessories, including dark toned, metallic finishes would be a good idea.

Enhance the Joy of the Holidays with Warmth
Enhance the Joy of the Holidays with Warmth

Warm Romantics

Something that enhances the joy of the holidays is the further warmth of friendship and romance. Two special gifts to be enjoyed by just about anyone. You never know when, whom or how you will connect with a special someone or new found friend. This coat is one such piece that has all the elements of warmth and hints of romance. From the rich colour to the confidence inducing detail, this piece is definitely a holiday star that will shine even brighter for the one wearing it. You can be creative and wear this one over a dress, skirt or leggings. Add in a cute boot, sleek heels and you’re good to go!

Makes a Great Gift for Someone or A Treat for Yourself
Makes a Great Gift for Someone or A Treat for Yourself

Hip High-Schooler

Fresh, young and hip, with high-esteem, goals and motivation. Our hip high-schooler will love a bomber jacket style that has all the right elements to combine personal style with holiday ambiance. From the ideal minimalist to the creative, sporty or even nerdy temperaments. This makes an equally great gift for someone or a treat for yourself. With so many colour options, varieties in cut, fit and finishes, to personalizing your piece to reflect your hobbies, personality and more. There is a lot of range concerning how you can wear this piece, from leather pants and leggings to a cool skirt, let accessories pull your look together by choosing wisely from a minimalist ‘less is more’ option or something that highlights your personality. Trust us this could be one of those story sharing elements that make the holiday mood all the more interesting.

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