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Difference Between Biker Jacket and Motorcycle Jacket

Biker Jacket vs Motorcycle Jacket

Modern-day fashion is blessed with many different types of leather jackets, each with its own silhouette, design, and purpose. That said, some of these jackets bear striking resemblance to each other.

Biker jackets and motorcycle jackets are prime examples of these similar-looking pieces of outerwear. Many even believe that biker and motorcycle jacket are two names for the same type of jacket, which is not true. Here’s a brief guide on how to tell them apart.


Motorcycle jackets are a layer of protection for folks who ride bikes (hence the name). These jackets protect the wearer from cold breeze while riding. If the wearer falls off the motorcycle at high speed, these jackets also soften the blow and prevent road rash injuries.

Biker jackets, on the other hand, are mainly for fashion. They are designed from the ground up to look good with a plethora of different outfits. Plus, they’re much easier to style and rock in your day-to-day life, even if you have zero interest in bikes.

Keep in mind that these purposes are not absolute. The best biker jackets will protect you in case of an accident but not as well as a motorcycle jacket could. Similarly, a lady can look chic with the best women’s motorcycle jackets, it might just require more work to find the right outfit.


While both of these are made from real leather, the type of leather is based on their primary use.

Biker jackets are crafted from sheep, goat, and lambskin leather because of their look and feel. These types of leather are soft to the touch and have an air of luxury about them. Not to mention the variety of designs they provide for both women’s and men’s biker leather jackets.

Motorcycle jackets, on the other hand, are usually crafted from cow or buffalo skin leather due to their durability and toughness. They hold up well against the different elements of nature, and they provide better protection in case of an accident.


Biker Jacket and Motorcycle Jacket

Biker jackets are often designed to be flashy and reminiscent of the biker culture from the past. They feature lapel-style collars, shiny leather finishes, shiny zippers, and other metallic details. Their overall silhouette is also very fancy-looking with a form-fitting cut.

The design of motorcycle jackets is more practical with minimal design elements and a straight front for quick opening and closing. Some of these designs even include a belt at waist level to further secure the jacket as a piece of armor.

Final Words

While these two jackets can take each other’s place, biker jackets are more for fashion and leather motorcycle jackets are designed to protect the upper half of a motorcycle rider’s body. If you’re interested in getting either of these for yourself, get in contact and we’d be delighted to build you a custom jacket that fits your taste.

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