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8 Ways to Restore A Leather Jacket

restore leather jacket

High-quality leather jackets don’t come cheap – a real leather jacket would cost someone somewhere between $400 to $700. Considering the price, one cannot get away with storing a leather jacket like other clothes, randomly hanging it with the rest of the clothes, and being sent to neighborhood dry cleaners. 

To ensure they remain in their best condition and have no tears or cracks up before a year is down, one has to restore and maintain them regularly. If you have a leather jacket and you’re interested in learning how to restore it, you have come to the right place. Regardless of the type of leather jacket, we’re going to provide you with 8 practical ways to restore a leather jacket.

Practical Ways To Restore A Leather Jacket

Wondering what’s all the deal about leather jacket repair and restoration? There’s nothing to worry about because maintaining a leather jacket is not as costly as its original price – in fact, it can be quite cheap and you can do it all by yourself. Here are 8 practical ways you can restore a leather jacket. 

Practical Ways To Restore A Leather Jacket

Flat Surface Technique

One way to restore a leather jacket with minimal to almost no damage is to apply the flat surface technique. What you need to do is lay it out flat on the surface and evaluate the front side calmly. You will gently place your hand and flatten the areas that require smoothening of the creases. Make sure you undo all the buttons and open up the buckles to get access to all the cracks. This method works for colored jackets, too. Hence, you can restore leather jackets from cracks and faded hues using this method as well. 

Brushing Technique

For this method, you will require a horsehair brush. Lay out the jacket in front of you and start brushing it thoroughly and remove dirt gently with light strokes. Smoothen the jacket every few seconds and repeat the process at the back of the jacket. Horsehair brush is used mainly for shining shoes but it can be utilized for other leather products. 

Dampen Cloth Technique

You have to use a microfiber cloth for this and dip it in cool water. Wipe the front and the back of the leather jacket and remove all the dirt. A good substitute for microfiber cloth is an old cotton shirt. 

Wax Technique

Did you know that wax-based leather preservatives can also be used to restore a leather jacket? Leather preservatives are essentially natural and commonly known as boot wax. What it does is moisturizes the leather and protect it from scratches and scruffs. Once you rub leather preservatives on it, you will let it dry out. Once the method is complete, you will see no scratches or fading of the hue. 

Leather Preservative Method – Specific Tear or Scratch

One method is to use boot wax and the other way is to directly target the tear and scratches. There are some leather preservatives that often darken leather, therefore, it’s best to try them out to check side effects Apply leather preservatives directly on the imperfections and let them dry out naturally. 

Rubbing Preservative All Over The Jacket

This is another technique that you can use to get rid of wrinkles and scratches from your leather jacket. Scoop out the leather preservative on your fingertips and rub it gently on the jacket. You will make use of circular motions and not put additional pressure on the jacket. Allow the leather to melt and get absorbed. 

6-Month Conditioning

It is absolutely essential that you condition your leather jacket at least twice a year. Conditioning a leather jacket with a leather preservative once every six months will allow you to restore it best. Leather jackets go trough several wears and get exposed to the unpredictability of weather and much more. Hence, leaving it hanging in your cupboard will not do the trick. Condition it twice a year and use a wooden hanger to hang it. Make sure the closet ir cry and cool – away from direct sunlight. 

Heat & Finger Pressure

This method is simple – all you need is your finger and some heat. Use your finger and apply minor pressure. Move your fingers in a circular motion to give the tear and scratch a light massage then use your hair dryer to give it heat. 

Can You Restore The Black Leather Jacket?

Can You Restore The Black Leather Jacket?

Yes, you can restore a black leather jacket. You can make use of the flat surface technique or simply dampen the cloth and wipe off all the dirt. Applying heat also works fine. 

How Can You Restore An Old Leather Jacket?

How Can You Restore An Old Leather Jacket?

To restore an old leather jacket, you need to wipe off the first using a dampened cloth. Then you will apply leather wax or moisturizer and then massage it gently using heat. This way you can restore an old leather jacket without spending too much money on it or replacing it with a new one.  

How to Restore A Vintage Leather Jacket?

How to Restore A Vintage Leather Jacket?

To restore a vintage leather jacket, you have to lay out a flat surface and place your hand on top with very little pressure to flatten it out. The next step is to remove dirt using a microfiber cloth, slightly damp. Then you will apply moisturizer or conditioner on the scratches and areas that require cleaning. Then you will apply heat using a hair dryer to dry it out. Lastly, hang the jacket on a wooden hanger in a cool and dry place. 

How To Restore A Faded Leather Jacket?

How To Restore A Faded Leather Jacket?

To restore a faded leather jacket, you have to apply boot polish on the problematic areas. Make sure you don’t rub it. Simply use your fingers and place it directly on the region that is faded. Next, use a dryer to apply heat and let it dry out. 


How Do You Restore A Worn Leather Jacket?

You can restore a worn-out leather jacket by flattening its surface, wiping and cleaning the dirt, applying moisturizer or conditioner on the problematic worms, and then applying heat to give it a dry.

What Is The Best Treatment For A Leather Jacket?

Boot wax or leather preservatives are natural and considered the best treatment for a leather jacket. You can also use dish soap with a microfiber cloth if the treatment has to be minor. 

Can Real Leather Be Restored?

Yes, real leather can be restored. However, it will lose its durability over time –  the more conditioning and rubbing is applied. 

What Should You Not Use On Leather?

It is advised to avoid using bleach or ammonia-based conditioners on leather. 

Is Leather Restoration Worth It?

Yes, leather restoration is worth it considering the worth of an actual leather jacket. Therefore, the more you maintain and clean your leather jacket, the longer it stays relevant and usable. 


Leather restoration is something that every person with leather jackets and accessories should know about. There are so many ways you can restore leather – to help give it more life and a flawless appearance. Since custom leather jackets are expensive, it’s best to condition them twice a year and give them immediate care and attention if any tear or scratch appears on them, and also to improve faded hues. 

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