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How to Wear a Leather Vest?

how to wear a leather vest

Just like a leather jacket, a leather vest also made its place in the fashion world astonishingly.  

Made out of real leather, the vest can be made from any hide; cow, goat, calf, or sheep. Leather being a performing element in your ensemble acts as a shield. A vest is a sleeveless garment that is used to cover up the wearer’s torso, leaving the hands free for sleeves of lighter fabrics or none at all. 

For your convenience, we are here with this blog which answers all of your questions from how should a leather vest fit? How to wear a leather vest. This is going to cover it all! 

History of the Leather Vest 

Before we get on how to style a leather vest you should be knowing about the early ages of this classical piece. The leather vest was introduced as a lighter protection alternative to the leather jacket.

The vest goes back to the last century when the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) stated that 1% of bikers were rebellious. From then on the leather vest became a uniform element for those 1% outlaw bikers, who used patches on the leather vest to express their ranks. 

Then the vest escalated and became more popular in the 1960s when the habit of decorating clothing along with the motorcycle with various souvenirs and signs. 

What Is the Point of a Leather Vest?

The leather vest style might leave everybody in questions, thinking about why it is actually used. So, one should know that a leather vest is a lighter yet performing alternative to a leather jacket. The leather is a warm element that provides the wearer with extreme protection against chilly breezes.

But what to do when the weather is cold enough to wear a jacket, but warm enough to not to wear a leather jacket. That’s when the leather vest comes to the rescue. With its quality to cover the torso for protection but leaving the sleeves of the inner to do the rest of the job. 

What do You Wear Under a Leather Vest?

The leather as a whole is a timeless classic. The inner needs to be monochromatic so that it does not overpower the essence of the vest itself. The best is to wear a full-sleeved shirt with denim jeans under it along with classic leather boots

Characteristics of a Leather Vest 

With a vest comes a motorcycle vest, and people often wonder how to wear a leather motorcycle vest. But do you guys have the idea about the characteristics of a vest?

A leather vest is a timeless classic that offers a lot of versatility. The performance of the leather vest is uncompromised as it is a lightweight alternative to the leather jacket. The vest contains the following characteristics. 


The leather vests are best fitted for the spring chills and summers in some regions which don’t require enough insulation but enough warmth to keep the temperature at bay. The leather vest only covers the wearer’s torso. 


Leather vests are very easy to layer. The sleeveless element provides visibility of the inner through the sleeves which makes it look astounding. To create a layered outfit, leather vests are to go to. 


The leather vest’s performance is just like the leather jacket, just without sleeves. The pockets in leather vests are fully functional but vary from style to style. The leather vest usually carries usually a set of two pockets either inside or outside the vest. 


The fit of the leather vest is similar to that of a leather jacket. The vest needs to fit right with the correct length. It should seem like the vest is hugging you. Not too loose or tight. Getting the right fit is important with the length above your belt. If you have a unique size you can go for a bespoke leather vest. 


The leather vest is highly versatile because of its lightweight nature. It can be worn all year round. In winters it can work as extra insulation below a jacket and in summers or spring, it can work as the performer to allow protection from the chilly winds. 

How to Style a Leather Vest

There are too many ways to style a leather vest, the key indicator is to let the ensemble look astonishing upon you. 


You can go with a plain white t-shirt along with denim jeans and leather sneakers for a casual style. And if you are thinking about how to wear a motorcycle vest then this is your time. Add on the classic vest.The cool ensemble makes the vest stand out and grab attention.

Office Casual

A buttoned-down checkered shirt with cotton jeans or corduroy pants and suede shoes acting as a cherry on top. The overall ensemble gives off a creative work vibe.

Executive Casual 

The leather vest can also be a leather waistcoat which can be worn over formal attire. A white formal buttoned-down shirt with classic formal pants and business casual shoes. The vest acts as a style element that stands out effectively. 


Last but not the least, the rebellious style from which the leather vest became so popular. Put on a black t-shirt along with the same colored leather pants as the vest itself and leather boots below. 

How Much Does a Leather Vest Cost?

Leather is considered to be a luxurious style staple that comes with fairly high prices. But, a leather vest costs way less than a leather jacket of that specific leather type. If you opt for a full-grain leather the vest can cost you around $150 to $300. At The Jacket Maker, you can choose from various styles of leather vests made in full-grain real leather. 

FAQs – How To Wear A Leather Vest

How should a motorcycle vest fit?

The motorcycle should have the size that fits over your upper wear whether it be a button down shirt or a hand knitted sweater. It should not seem baggy on your body. 

What to wear with a leather vest?

From casual to semi formal, you can wear it with anything. In simple words, pick out your basic t-shirt, pair your denim jeans and slide on your vest. Your true basic outfit will be elevated to the next level. 

What are some formal leather vest outfit mens?

Put on your navy blue khaki pants and tuck in a crisp white button down shirt, secure your pants with a belt. Put on your oxford shoes and slide on your leather vest. You are ready to slay. 

What is difference between Leather Vest and puffer vest

A leather vest is made of leather, offering a classic, rugged style, while a puffer vest is typically made from synthetic materials, insulated for warmth and has a quilted, “puffed” appearance.


Leather vests are a timeless classic with an astound sense of versatility. The vest provides full protection against the winds while requiring cover for the torso. It serves the purpose of covering the chest while leaving the sleeves to be covered by the inner itself. The vest is a style element in the fashion world that offers a bold affirmation to the wearer. 

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