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How To Repair Leather Scratches? A Step-By-Step Guide 

how to repair leather scratches

Have you ever gotten frustrated over the leather scratches that develop over time on your leather products? It would make complete sense, to be fair. When you purchase a product that is little on the expensive end, you expect it to last you longer, and in its best state.  So what can you do to ensure your leather bags and different types of leather jackets look spectacular even after years and months of purchase? Well, this guide is just for you. We’re going to discuss how you can repair leather scratches that reduce the appearance of your leather bags and leather jackets. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Repairing Leather Scratches

Step-By-Step Guide to Repairing Leather Scratches

Here are the steps that you need to follow to repair leather scratches on your handbags and or custom leather jackets, etc. 

Evaluate the Scratch

Initially, what you have to do is ensure that you inspect the scratches carefully – this way you can determine whether the scratches are light or they run much deeper. Light scratches are easy to repair whereas deep scratches are rather challenging to repair. Here’s how you can fix both light and deep scratches.

Light Scratch

Regardless of the type of scratch, you have to clean the leather first. Therefore, take a microfibre cloth and dampen it in a water and soap mixture. Then use this damp cloth to clean the scratches. Now you will use any reliable leather moisturizer or leather conditioner and apply it directly on the scratches in a circular motion. Now let it dry and use a marker directly on the scratches. The last step is to buff it once the scratches are fixed. 

Deep Scratch

Use a leather cleaner or a water and soap mixture to clean the leather. Now you will use a colorless shoe polish to rub it directly onto the damaged leather. Inspect if the leather scratches are fixed. If the scratches are still visible, you will mix the colorless shoe polish with a leather conditioner and apply it to the damaged leather. You can also use petroleum jelly and a moisturizer. A marker will now be used to do the final touches – this way the scratched area will be the same color and there will be consistency. 

Nubuck & Suede

Nubuck and suede are complicated leather types and can easily get damaged while cleaning. The most important rule is to ensure this leather doesn’t get wet. The first step is cleaning – use a pencil eraser to remove dirt off the leather surface. The next step is to buff the leather with a toothbrush. 

Now there is a leather conditioner that is specifically formulated for suede leather, you will apply that directly to the leather scratches or damaged areas in a circular motion. This conditioner will be enough to fix the leather scratches and make the surface almost brand new. 


Can scratches be removed from leather?

Yes, you can remove leather scratches with the help of a leather conditioner or marker. 

Can you repair deep scratches in the leather?

Yes, you can repair deep scratches in the leather – it will be more challenging to remove light leather scratches. You will require a colorless shoe polish to fix deep leather scratches. 

Does Vaseline fix scratched leather?

Sometimes Vaseline can fix scratches on leather. However, this trick won’t work if the scratches are deep. 

How do you fill in scratches on leather?

You can fix leather scratches by first cleaning the surface of the leather with a soap and water mixture. A pencil eraser is used if it’s suede or nubuck leather. Then, you will use a marker in case of light scratches and colorless shoe polish in case of deep scratches. And finally apply leather conditioner in a circular motion. 

How do you get scratches out of shiny leather?

You can repair leather scratches from shiny leather or patent leather. Make sure you clean it first with a microfiber cloth damped with water and soap mixture. 


In this guide, we discussed how to repair leather scratches. It is essential to take away a few notes. the first is to always clean the leather before repairing it and then inspect if the leather scratches are light or deep. Light scratches can be removed with marker but deeper scratches require colorless shoe polish. Finally, make sure you apply leather conditioner on the leather and let it air dry. Thus, follow this guide to repair leather jackets and other products. 

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