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Size Guide: How To Measure Yourself for a Jacket

How to measure jacket size

Size is what matters the most when you opt for a classy look. Perfect sized apparel is what highlights the timelessness of any outerwear, the jacket being too tight or too baggy disturbs the overall look. Sizing your body is not as easy as it seems as it includes measuring the right part the right way. Below we are going to show you how to measure your jacket in the right way. 

The human body starts with the head but when it comes to outerwear the head plays no part as it covers your torso, arms, back, and waist.

How To Measure Your Neck 

The first thing you want to measure is your neck. The right way to do that is by placing the measuring tape in between your neck and measuring the circumference of it. The neck provides stability to the torso of the jacket as it helps you to fully cover it up. If the neck is too tight the zipper of the jacket won’t be able to close and if it is too baggy, the jacket will not provide the perfect insulation which is highly recommended when you are opting for a jacket for winter wear. 

How To Measure Your Shoulders 

The second body part you would want to measure would be your shoulders as the right fit should be the jacket hugging you. This means that the shoulder seams should be perfectly lined with your shoulder. You can place the measuring tape from the back to the shoulder tip in order to measure the shoulders perfectly. 

How To Measure Your Sleeves

The third part to measure would be your sleeve length as it also radiates the overall look of the outerwear, the sleeve’s length needs to be just above the thumb bone. In order to measure it, you need to place the tape on your shoulder while keeping your arms straight as possible while letting it fall down on its own, to the upper part of your thumb bone. 

How To Measure Your Bicep

Biceps can be said to be the fourth part that needs to be measured accordingly. The biceps are said to be the widest part of the sleeves, the circumference of the sleeve should be in accordance with the biceps to get the perfect fit of the jacket. Most people who opt for a rugged look, require their heavy biceps to show off which is possible by keeping the sleeve circumference tighter than usual. To measure the biceps you put the tape at the center of the bicep muscle and measure the circumference of the bicep. 

How To Measure Your Wrist 

Wrists are also an important part to be measured in order to get the best bespoke jacket. The sleeves are widest from the biceps and tapered to the wrist. The wrist can be said to be the narrowest part of the sleeve. In order to measure the wrist, you need to put the tape right on your wrist bone and measure the circumference of the wrist. This helps in making the sleeves tapered which makes the jacket look amazing as possible. 

How To Measure Your Chest 

The chest is the main part that needs to be measured as it is the widest part of your body and where jackets are concerned, you need full insulation of your torso. In order to measure your chest, you need to place the tape at the widest part of your chest. And measure the whole length of the chest from front to back. This way you will have an accurate measurement. 

How To Measure Your Natural And Lower Waist 

As the jacket covers your whole upper body, it should hug you perfectly, for the perfect fit you need the perfect hemline which can be anywhere from your lower waist to your hips, as you would want. The right way to measure your natural waist is to place the tape right below the end of your rib cage and measure the circumference and as for the lower waist, you can measure it by placing the tape right on your belly, as it can be someone’s widest part. 

How To Measure Your Hips

The Hips need to be measured too when it comes to getting the perfect fit of outerwear, to get the right size, wrap the measuring tape around the middle of your hips and measure them the right way. 

How To Measure Your Center Back 

The most important of all is the jacket length, which needs to be perfect. The right length of a standard leather jacket is alligned with your lower waist, you can measure your center back length from just below your collar to all the way down where you need your hemline to end. This will make you have the best set of measurements for your best leather jacket. 


These are the 9 steps you can follow in order to get the perfect measurements for a best-fitted leather jacket, or any other outerwear. Having a bespoke jacket is the best way to highlight your style as the right fit features the right style. 

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