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How to Clean Suede Jackets

how to clean suede jackets

As with any type of jacket, your suede jacket too; needs cleaning from time to time. We all know what suede is, as well as how soft and luxurious they feel to the touch and also in appearance. This is why suede jackets in general would require a bit more of your attention as opposed to their other leather jacket counterparts. 

With your suede jacket being one of the best there is, you really don’t want to mess up when it comes to cleaning it. So first and foremost, it would be the best move to make by getting your suede jacket professionally dry-cleaned.

There are many places out there that do an incredible job that will help you keep your suede leather jacket looking good as new and fresh as ever, for many years. However, if you for some reason don’t have that option or would prefer to take this task upon yourself, it’s best to first do your research.

The reason for research is to help you make informed decisions on what to do and what not to do when cleaning your suede jacket. Don’t forget, even the smallest error in this regard will not only ruin your jacket but whatever action you take, will be irreversible which means you lose a lot of money for nothing. 

So, without testing any hack on your jacket, keep on reading our blog to know how to clean suede jackets.

Hacks or Hype: Cleaning your Suede Jacket

Cleaning suede jacket might actually be a task, thus at this very moment, the internet is flooded with so many alleged solutions, mixtures, hacks, and claims to quickly clean your suede jacket at home.

In simple words, all talk about ‘how to clean suede jacket’. Yet, the question arises as to how many of them are true hacks and how many are simply presented for hype.

Which ones do you go with and which do you pass up. If you know even a little about suede and what you can and cannot do with it on your back, you will find that there are many misconceptions that mislead you to make the wrong move. Below are a few examples to show you what we mean. 

Vinegar and Water

People usually want to wear a clean suede jacket and so make sure they clean it at the time of need. You will find so many places online claiming that you can clean your suede jacket using 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water.

Question though, if suede, in general, is prone to damage from rain and sometimes even snow, how then can one bravely attempt using this solution. Not only water but white vinegar is indeed a great home remedy for stains on certain fabrics and ceramic surfaces.

Would you dare try this on your suede jacket? As now you know how to clean suede jacket with vinegar at home. 

An Overnighter for Oil Stains

People usually dry clean suede jacket but if you can clean it at home then why take it to the dry cleaners? This one is another popular claim found online, involving corn starch, baking powder or talcum powder to be left on the affected area overnight.

This is specifically for oil stains and is said to take effect overnight. Again, it’s only the truly daring who would try this without ever knowing if it will work without a doubt. Talk about risky business!

Steaming your Suede

If you are still thinking about how to clean a suede jacket then here we have a tip that calls for steaming your suede jacket and air-drying it afterward.

Popular choices? The shower. Again, this is a tried and tested trick for regular fabrics that does really work. Risking your suede to save some money doesn’t sound so good. Would you try this at home? On the one suede jacket that’s your favorite.

By now, you may have an idea of what is floating around cyberspace and how easily you can be trapped in a suede jacket cleaning solution that can most likely go wrong. While this may be a discouraging prospect, all is still not lost.

Yet. If you are willing to take the chance and clean your suede jacket at home, it’s best to know certain tools that will really help. Not only that, you can be sure that no harm will come to your suede jacket. As these are safe tools you can use to clean your suede jacket with no side effects that are harmful to you or your jacket. 

Below you will find seven tools that can be found around the house that will help you in cleaning your best suede jacket. This will be followed by a few faqs that will further clarify any doubts there may be on this subject.

A Two-sided Brush 

Washing suede jacket might not be an easy task but using a two sided brush is. You may have a two-sided brush at home, having thick and firm bristles on one side and softer, flexible ones on the other.

This is great for cleaning a suede jacket. Use the thicker side for short suede surfaces that are soiled and the softer side for cleaning or finishing up any extra dust or residue that’s left behind. Depending on the degree of cleaning required, this item may be all that you need or may help accompany other items in your suede jacket cleaning process. 

Tissue Paper or Paper Towels

This one’s pretty obvious as well as self-explanatory. Tissue paper or paper towels are perfect for blotting any spillage on your suede jacket. An important point to remember though is that blotting is often confused with rubbing or in some cases leads to rubbing the suede surface.

Many times, rubbing a spillage tends to make matters worse as opposed to simply blotting which calls for gentle dabs of tissue or paper towels on the affected area. Dabbing the surface will actually absorb the liquid using the tissue or paper towel, preventing the suede from soaking any more of the liquid any further.

Nail-File Anyone?

A pretty common item in almost every home is a nail file. This comes in handy for any light or medium scraping of your suede jacket. In some cases, the suede surface may require a bit of a firmer approach to cleaning, yet using light hand movements. Suede, being a hide and one that is also porous may have dirt that is matted in some cases. This is where a simple nail file may help to scrape up the dirt. 

Suede Eraser or Pencil Eraser 

A suede eraser is another great as well as a useful item to have around, in your suede jacket cleaning pursuit. Should you not have a suede eraser, a pencil eraser will also do the job provided it’s in white. Colored erasers may leave behind color on the suede, so it’s best to go for white ones. An eraser rubbed gently on your suede jacket will help lighten the stain and gradually clean the area. 

Toothbrush to the Rescue

If you want to know how to clean suede jacket at home then we have another hack for you. Now here’s an item that everyone has at home and that has more uses than most people imagine. A toothbrush used to clean your suede jacket is a great idea.

Especially in the case of spot-cleaning which calls for attention to a small, particular area. A toothbrush used gently, can often do the trick in cleaning your suede jacket. Although, in some cases, this may be used in addition to other items that will help in giving you great results. 

Sponge Scrub Suede

This item may be an alternative to paper towels or tissue paper in some cases or maybe not, depending on the type of spillage made on your suede jacket. A sponge scrub, also much like the double-sided brush, offers much more than just dabbing the surface to absorb any liquid, it also enables you to use mild force to get as much dirt, grime, or any other stain out without any risk of further damage or side-effects. 

Suede Protector Spray

A suede protector spray is not only the ultimate in preventing serious damage to your suede jacket, long term and surely the best suede jacket cleaner. It is a must-have for all suede jacket cleaning processes.

You should use a protector spray, typically every four months at least. Despite your jacket is soiled or not. This spray will serve as a shield, so should your suede jacket get stained; the impact will not be as seriously damaged as it could be should this spray not be used. 

There you have it, seven easy-to-find and use items at home that will help you in cleaning your suede jacket. What makes this post a bit different from your mainstream, run-of-the-mill information on this subject, is that there is no risk, danger, or the possibility of you ruining your suede jacket. Many people also had a few questions to ask on this subject that’s mentioned below. 

FAQs – How To Clean Suede Jackets

How to clean suede leather jacket?

You can use hacks like water and vinegar, or just simply use a brush if the stains are not embedded in it or simply buy a suede jacket cleaner from the super mart. 

Can I put a suede jacket in the washing machine? 

Typically, the answer would be NO. However, in this day and age; many would opt for something closer to home. 

What is the best thing to clean suede with?

The best thing to clean your suede jacket with is a brush. Anything else required is best done professionally at the dry-cleaners. 

How much does it cost to dry-clean suede jackets?

This is a subjective question, as it involves the location and repute of the business. Reputable dry-cleaners would be a bit more as they offer you the best services. 

Conclusion to Cleaning your Suede Jacket 

Still thinking about how to clean suede coat? Or how to wash suede jacket? We hope not because this guide was everything that you needed. 

With three of the more popular solutions online, that claim to clean your suede jacket at home, which would you choose? Would you rather go for quick fixes with no idea of what lies ahead or would you go for safe items, with no side effects at home?

In an ideal situation, it’s always best to get professional help from a reputable dry-cleaning place. They may charge you a pretty penny but you’d know your suede jacket is in safe hands.

If the task of cleaning is small and simple, by all means, pick out the items around your house that are mentioned above and give your suede jacket the attention it deserves. We are sure that knowing how to clean suede jackets might be really helpful and cost effective for you. 

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