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6 Tips to Correctly Store your Leather Jackets

Correctly Store Your Leather Jackets

While we may all have our favorite leather jackets that we are proud of or perhaps leather pants that we are glad we got just in time for that leather-themed event.

Either way, many of us have at least one leather piece, if not more, that we truly treasure, which is why; taking care of it and maintaining its well-developed patina over the years is something that is kept under close observation just so that our leather piece may continue looking its best for as long as is possible.

After the thousands of jackets and leather products produced by The Jacket Maker and the continued efforts in developing effortless systems to achieve the most ideal leather pieces in the world, we understand just the same how important it is to store leather jackets correctly; to ensure optimum usage and durability.

At times people do not understand how to store leather jackets. So we are here for t their help. Below are a few vital points on items you definitely must have for suitable storage of your leather jackets:

1. Wide Hangers, Please!

Use Wide Hangers With Shoulder Support
Use Wide Hangers With Shoulder Support

If you are thinking of how to hang a leather jacket, we know the first thing that pops into your mind is a hanger. However, It is vital to use the correct hangers depending on what type of leather piece you are about to store.

For leather jackets for instance, use a wide hanger that is able to properly support the shoulders of your jacket, so it does not droop downwards. Should this happen, your jacket may quickly be misshapen over time.

While wire hangers are a big NO NO!!! Wooden hangers are so much better for this purpose.

It is crucial that you hang your leather piece as opposed to folding it as would some people, as this method would only leave you with creases that you won’t be able to ease out in the future. Hence, using a wide hanger is best.

2. Acid-Free Paper

Use Acid-Free Paper To Stuff, Wrap & Store
Use Acid-Free Paper To Stuff, Wrap & Store

People, the best way to store leather jackets is to use acid-free paper for its wrapping. It is important to stuff the insides of your jacket or leather garment with acid-free paper and then close all buttons or zipper closures or perhaps both; if you have them.

You could also do the same for the outside of your leather product for extra protection from chemical transfer or other elements that could destroy the leather while it is in storage.

3. Storage Containers

Use Non-Plastic Bags & Wooden Trunks
Use Non-Plastic Bags & Wooden Trunks

Leather jacket storage might be a difficult task to do, but you can make it easy by opting for spacious storage containers. When talking containers, many people have their own take on which types of containers they prefer to use and which work best for them based on experience, which is totally fine with us.

However, we’d recommend you use anything from fabric bags to wooden trunks and suitcases for storing leather jackets. 

By NO MEANS should you even consider using plastic containers for leather storage as this prevents the leather from breathing which is crucial for its longevity.

Should there be more than one leather item, make sure each has enough breathing space in between for ideal durability.

4. Leather Conditioner

Use A High-Quality Leather Conditioner
Use A High-Quality Leather Conditioner

Using a good leather conditioner is another key element for the correct storage of your leather jacket.

This will preserve not only the leather quality but further retain moisture which is a great factor to reach in this process.

Apply the leather conditioner using a cotton swab for the easy breezy procedure. Don’t forget the patch test before using any leather conditioner.

5. Climate Control

Avoid Exposure To Heat, Moisture & Sunlight
Avoid Exposure To Heat, Moisture & Sunlight

No! We’re not talking about conspiracy theories; we simply mean that leather storage is best suited to climate-controlled areas.

Any kind of exposure to elements such as heat, sunlight, or moisture will definitely jeopardize the quality of your leather.

Remember certain product instructions on certain labels that say, “Keep in a cool, dry place.”

6. Professionally Stored

Professional Storage Is Recommended
Professional Storage Is Recommended

It is not uncommon for some people to seek the help of professionals, even when dealing with leather storage.

Chances are your local cleaners may sometimes offer this kind of service which you can go for, if you prefer to let your prized leather jackets be handled professionally.

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FAQs – Correctly Store Leather Jackets

What is the best way to store a leather jacket?

The best way is to store a leather jacket is to hanger them. Use the best hanger for leather jacket. The hanger should be wide, and preferably made out of wood so that it does not droop down the sides and the jacket maintains its shape. 

How to store leather jacket long term?

If you are thinking about hanging leather jacket then make sure that you do it in a cool dry place. However you can even store it in boxes and condition them after every some time. DIY conditioners made at home or even conditioners bought from the market are going to work. 

How to store leather coats?

Your coat should be kept in a damp, dark area out of bright sun, such as a wardrobe or closet. Use a broad, wood or cushioned hanger if you are hanging the coat to help keep its form. Wrap it in a breathable material, like a duvet cover or a cotton clothing bag, if you’re storing it in a box.

A Tip to Treasure

Take a leather jacket hanger or keep it in the box or use a conditioner, but make sure to keep it well. There have been cases when individuals have done everything correctly to ensure proper leather jacket storage but see that at certain times, their leather pieces seem to change and not in a good way.

This is because it is really important for you to take your leather jackets out of their storage area occasionally so as to extend their life.

Leather, in general, can be stored perfectly for lengthy time spans but need a certain amount of air every now and then.

So simply air them out on occasion and make sure it is safe and sound and super stylish as ever.

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James Detwiler
James Detwiler
September 6, 2021 4:32 pm

This is a very interesting post. I haven’t read this type of article before.

September 21, 2021 11:08 pm

I found 7 leather jackets, and would like to sell them. I need to get them pro cleaned but in the meantime till I can afford to get them cleaned, want to store them properly. This was a great article. Thank you.