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Break in your Leather Jacket. Fun Intended!

We all enjoy the pleasure of wearing something new, whether that be a pair of new shoes or even a cool new leather jacket from The Jacket Maker. Yet very few of us can bear, the somewhat awkwardness or even stiffness of wearing something new for the first time. With that thought in mind, we at The Jacket Maker give you two easy-peasy ways to break in your new leather jacket really quick. What’s even better, is that you don’t need any tools or lengthy rituals to achieve this, just some adventure in nature. Don’t quite follow? Read on to find out.

Really Wear it OUT or In!!!

break leather

A natural way to break in your new leather jacket is to simply wear it, any chance you get. This could even be while you’re still indoors, lounging about or doing some chores that are not messy or exposed to sharp edges, oils or jagged bits. Just wear it for a while and yes, you can even nap in it, if you find yourself falling asleep. No worries! The neighbors will not think you’ve lost it nor will anyone have you committed as these tips have actually been tried and tested by quite a few people.

On the flip side you can go out wearing your jacket especially if there is movement involved which will speed up the ‘’breaking in’’ process. This could be worn on a hike, or for any activity that requires some degree of stretching of arms, elevating hands or any kind of movement of the torso. You can even try doing some push-ups. Remember! You will get more wear and achieve a break in look, the more activity you are involved in, as opposed to a sitting down at a desk scenario. However, beware that excessive use can also damage the jacket so do so at your discretion. What’s even better is that you can incorporate your jacket in various looks to be able to wear it daily. Using a store-bought or a tried and tested DIY leather conditioner is another great way to lessen if not remove totally, the stiffness from your leather jacket.

wear leather

In the Mood for Moisture

Now for some really fun stuff, did you know wearing your jacket in the rain can help to break it in pretty quickly? Say WHAT? We really mean it. If it’s drizzling you can wear your jacket outside though NOT in heavy rain or worse still a tsunami. As the mild rain-drops, gently dampen the leather which in turn stretches the leather out a little, and with you wearing it; the jacket will take shape of your frame and thus give you a very personalized fit. If there is no signs of rain, you can even resort to a spritz of water from a bottle, making sure you don’t overdo the spraying. Always remember though, that excessive rain or water on leather can actually damage it so this technique is best-done bit by bit until the leather is pliable enough to reshape to best suit you.

Once your jacket is damp enough, you really want to allow it to dry naturally and preferably while you wear it. In doing so, you ensure that the jacket dries completely and takes shape of your frame in the most complimentary ways possible. What you must NEVER do is attempt to speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer or any artificial means to dry your jacket. This would seriously compromise the quality and longevity of the jacket. You could try swaying your arms, up and down, or in a circular motion to help naturally dry your jacket. Due to the differences in different types of leather, the time for this varies from jacket to jacket.


If you are one who cannot stand being in wet clothes, you could also take off the jacket and stuff it generously with bunched up clothes. This prevents shrinkage of the leather, which often happens if damp leather is left on its own, which is why wearing it until it dries would be ideal. Once you stuff it with clothes, leave it to dry naturally for a few hours. Remember NO sunlight allowed.

Always Avoid

It is important to remember to avoid the use of too much water on the leather. If using a spray, and you find accidental drops that are way too much, use a towel to dab and remove. Also, avoid excessive force in any degree. Using too much force to break in your jacket will invite danger that could actually harm your jacket, often; beyond the possibility of repair. Last and definitely not least but rather one of the most important points to remember is to never ignore care labels on your jacket. They were put there for a reason, so it’s best to refer to them for assistance in the proper maintenance of your jacket. So now you can get started on breaking in your leather jacket. Good luck and enjoy it!

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