Your First Leather Jacket And Popular Leather Jacket Styles

It may seem simple and effortless for the most part, buying your first leather jacket and that would be totally okay. The thought of it does have an appeal that is often unexplainable. Especially when it’s custom and your first leather jacket by The Jacket Maker. It’s those who share this sentiment as well as have a clear focus and often times a check-list, on what they’re looking for; that land up with the best leather jackets. Below we share

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Your Leather Jacket Care Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Leather jackets are a universally known and acknowledged wardrobe staple that is truly timeless. While there may be many out there who still remember when they purchased their first leather jacket, few will be able to recall ever actually maintaining or caring leather jacket. Many of us may currently have our personal leather jacket collection that may vary from a couple to four or five. Maybe even more. Yet few of us would be as excited to clean, maintain and

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