What Is A Bomber Jacket?

From being one of the most searched to one of the most popular trends with a rich history. Bomber jacket has developed into a phenomenon that knows no border, language or culture. Being versatile, gender neutral and relevant to all ages, leather bomber jackets in particular have never been more widely recognized across the world than it is now. Why is it called a Bomber Jacket? Bomber jackets were historically introduced during World War I, when most aeroplanes did not

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Evening Glam with 5 Styles to Clutch

Going for evening glam for some may be a no brainer, but adding that finishing touch with a clutch, is where the style equation often gets tricky. Here we share our five favourite clutch styles that we’re sure you will love and will up your evening glam instantly. Before going any further though, it is important to know exactly what type of style or more importantly which type of glam you’re looking for. As diverse as the bag options may

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5 Double Riders for a Style Boost

5 Double Riders For A Style Boost

Leather jackets undoubtedly have become essential in today’s modern man’s wardrobe much like the classic white t-shirt or the royal blue denim jeans. While there may be a multitude of leather jacket options from style, cut and fit, to color, detail or design to choose from, it is important to remember your true identity or personal style before jumping to make a purchase for a leather jacket you may wear just a few times.

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