5 Corporate Gift Ideas by The Jacket Maker

Corporate Gifting

Everyone loves a good gift, especially if it’s something memorable. Even more so, if it’s functional. Corporate gifts can have both of these elements as well as durability and uniqueness. That’s where The Jacket Maker comes in with not one but five awesome corporate gift ideas that are truly one of a kind, personalized business gift ideas.  Personalized Business Gifts That’s right! The Jacket Maker offers you unique, handcrafted, personalized gifts that are made from scratch for every client. These

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Why a Real Leather Jacket is a Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Father’s day is a good opportunity to acknowledge the efforts, love, and sacrifices that fathers have provided to the well-being of their children. A time to celebrate the blessing of having a father and being thankful for this good fortune are just a few reasons why you should present him with the perfect gift of a real leather jacket. — We are offering 20% off on purchasing more than 1 product on this Father’s Day —  If you’re thinking why

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A Silver Lining to the Plus Size Fashion Problems

While many would agree that fashion is fun, accepting and life-changing, few would agree to it being inclusive. As wide a landscape as it enjoys its presence, there are many who have been overlooked simply because of their size. If you’re familiar with how the fashion industry works, you’d agree to the existence of a predisposition, especially regarding the issue of sizing. If you look closely, many people; especially those belonging to a plus-size range have been experiencing great difficulties

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Father’s Day Gift : 20 Awesome Leather Jackets For Your Perfect Father

father's day

Father’s Day is literally just around the corner. A day to celebrate and acknowledge fatherhood, a strengthening of paternal bonds, and a recognition of the contributions to home and society by fathers all over the world. Read below for Father’s Day Gift Guide This year The Jacket Maker is looking to add a double dose of sentimental value for all dads and kids out there. Be a part of our Dad and I ‘20 Father’s Day Campaign where you get

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How to Measure Your Body – A Complete Guide

How to measure your body

While it’s important to know your body measurements for different reasons, it is vital to know how to get your body measurements correctly. You may need to take your body measurements to order clothing online, to keep track of your progress with that weight-loss program or simply to update your memory from time to time as to what you weigh or how you measure. Here you will learn not only how to get your body measurements but how and where

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Types of Leather: Your Perfect Leather Guide

There are different types of leather; each varies greatly in quality and function. Before buying your leather jacket, you’d want to make sure that you know what you are paying for. Distinguishing between different types of leather can be very confusing. This guide is developed to enable you to get the best bang for your money and to straighten out any confusion regarding different types of leather. It is safe to say that the different types of leather have transformed

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The Best DIY Leather Conditioners

Owning a cool leather jacket from The Jacket Maker or having leather incorporated into your lifestyle can be so much fun. Not to mention the grand impression that is made, when you are seen in one of these amazingly stylish hides and skins. However, what is most important for the longevity of leather and what most people find difficult to remember, is the maintenance of leather products which is sealed by leather conditioning. Also, there are different types of leather

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What is Faux Leather?

What is Faux Leather? The word faux has been floating around for quite some time now and is currently the hip new word in fashion. From fashion apparel to accessories, décor and furnishing, faux leather in particular; has never been as widely acclaimed as it is at the moment. With so much buzz around faux, there are still many who are easily confused by it or its differentiating qualities that have become difficult to spot, thanks to the vast improvement

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Earn MONEY Through The Jacket Maker’s Affiliate Program

Here’s your chance to be a leather jackets affiliate and earn an irresistible commission by selling leather jackets from one of the best emerging brands in leather apparel. Offering the widest range of some of the finest quality leather jackets in the world, at an accessible price point for both men and women.

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