What is the Difference between Bespoke and Made-to-Measure?

The ongoing confusion of bespoke vs made-to-measure has rattled close to everyone surfing the internet, simply searching for easy ways to separate these two misunderstood concepts. While some sources offer great stories while others many infographics that have complicated lingo, offer no help to people who aren’t ‘industry’ workers and so don’t quite follow the terminology used. In order to understand the differences of bespoke vs made-to-measure it is first important to recognize what each of these methods mean on

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To be Inspired- The Jacket Maker for The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30

After being launched on July 11th 2017 The Challenge premiered on July 18th 2017, the 13th season of the MTV Reality Competition Series watched by millions or more across the globe. This season is especially significant for The Jacket Maker who was asked to make custom jackets for the entire cast. Known for being ever ready to take on any ‘challenge’, The Jacket Maker worked on this project with heart and soul. Not only ensuring the perfect customer experience for

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