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How is Leather Made?

How is leather made? Is a question a lot of people are often wondering about. Global leather goods market will reach $121 Billion by 2022, out of which 90% will be held by retail stores and outlets.

It’s safe to say that fashion world would be incomplete without the leather and products made from it, especially without leather jackets, handbags and shoes. This post is specifically written to explain in depth process of making leather to leather enthusiasts and others seeking info about how leather is made.

The art of making leather goes as far back as the dark ages, if not before; when ancient people discovered animal hides and skins that were at the time, naturally tanned using decaying plant material.

Eventually they discovered, how leather is made; a better version of wearable animal hide. This was done by removing the hair of the animal, using stone tools and applying a solution that comprised of animal fat, wood smoke, or the tan rich juices of plants to preserve the hide.

This was one of the first techniques that was set in motion and that gave rise to many other treatments of leather processing that spread like wildfire.

In this article, we’ll be touching on the following key points to have a good understanding on how leather is made:

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Briefcase or Messenger Bag? Know the Difference

Bags add an extra something to your look that noticeably transforms your style.

Over the last few years, men’s fashion has taken on a fresh new form that is reflected in the bags for men.

While functionality is key especially for men’s bags, style, as well as design aesthetics, have changed.

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Break in your Leather Jacket. Fun Intended!

We all enjoy the pleasure of wearing something new, whether that be a pair of new shoes or even a cool new leather jacket from The Jacket Maker. Yet very few of us can bear, the somewhat awkwardness or even stiffness of wearing something new for the first time. With that thought in mind, we at The Jacket Maker give you two easy-peasy ways to break in your new leather jacket really quick. What’s even better, is that you don’t need any tools or lengthy rituals to achieve this, just some adventure in nature. Don’t quite follow? Read on to find out.Read More »Break in your Leather Jacket. Fun Intended!

How is Leather Dyed? You Asked we Answered

Colour plays an important part in elevating appearances. It can be anything from apparel to products, furniture, vehicles etc.

Aside from this elevation, it also has the ability to shed light over the temperament of an individual as well as dealing out mood changes that may vary from person to person.

It is, therefore, not uncommon to hear people talk about green, for instance, being a soothing color or blue that gives out a feeling of coolness.

Pertinent to leather, color has the ability to highlight great impact depending on the hue that is chosen or used.

There are many different types of dyes and finishes, color tones and styles available at The Jacket Maker that will surely have customers impressed.

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