Whether or not you like it, you just can not ignore the impact of TikTok. The video app is way more than just a source of joy in your spare time. What popular influencers on TikTok wear quickly becomes a fashion trend as they have millions of followers. This year, TikTok fashion has many new and persisting trends, which you can learn via this blogpost. 

TikTok fashion predictions are actually not a myth. In fact, they are a great source of getting knowledge about trends apart from street style and runway fashion. We have come up with the clothing items, accessories, and aesthetics that are currently trending on TikTok. 

TikTok Fashion Trends: Power of the Influencers

No one can deny that TikTok is the new abode of trendsetters in fashion. These content creators come up with new and unique styles and are also bring back old trends. Their followers trust and adore them and try to replicate their fashion forward looks. 

Consequently, any trend adopted by a famous TikToker comes into fashion. What people see while scrolling down is soon put on the fashion map for everyone to follow. 

TikTok Clothing Styles for 2022

You can expect outrageous, over the top trends to classic and traditional ones while looking up fashion on TikTok. We have rounded up the wardrobe must haves that will be used to create TikTok outfits for you.


You can see voguish girls wearing fashionable tops all over the video sharing app. Crop tops of all types, such as henleys, front tie shirts, and ribbed tank tops are popular. But you can also spot buttoned silk shirts. Apart from these, oversized sweatshirts are also quite favored. Probably because sweatshirts paired with short skirts give the fun and flirty style that TikTokers are mostly known for.

Turtlenecks, halterneck tops, and square neck tops are also very popular. A trendy style of top in TikTok fashion is the frilled smock top. 


The ongoing TikTok fashion wave has diversified your clothing choices in terms of bottom wear. Scrolling down the app, we spot many influencers donning cute denim shorts and denim skirts with trendy tops and jackets. 

The jeans styles that will take center stage this year are distressed, ripped, or baggy jeans. Cropped, flared jeans are also quite in vogue. Other options to pair with your tops are faux leather pants, loose fitting slacks, and sweatpants. 

When it comes to skirts, TikTok girls are going for fun styles such as plaid a-line skirts, tennis skirts, and long floral skirts. 

Fashion of Outerwear from TikTok

Layering is a big part of the current TikTok fashion trends. Influencers dictate the fashion game by wearing oversized hoodies. The oversized-everything trend is not new, but it is undoubtedly here to stay in 2022 as well. 

Baggy blazers are also seen frequently, paired with matching bottoms, tops, and different types of skirts.

Another raging trend on TikTok these days is that of shackets. They are lightweight fall jackets in shirt style which can be used to layer outfits. Shackets styles that will be preferred this year would be denim and plaid shackets. 

Sweater vests layered over a button down shirt is a style adopted by many TikTok sensations. Cropped hooded vests paired with jeans will be the go-to casual style, which you can layer as needed with leather motorcycle jackets. 


TikTok stars have been influential in bringing back so many footwear trends from the past. In 2022, women will embrace chunky platform heels, sneakers, and chunky soled leather shoes. 

TikTok Clothing Styles

We see an upsurge in the popularity of jumpsuit styles. The off shoulder jumpsuit and the one with notch lapels, collar, and a chunky belt are in the spotlight. Catsuits, reminiscent of the 90s, are gaining popularity. An exciting way to wear these is to go for PVC material. Printed catsuits and those in bright tones such as red and pink are some different takes on this body hugging garment.

Another trend forecast by TikTok for 2022 is sweatsuits. Baggy sweatpants with cropped or full sweatshirts are all the rage, styled with hooped earrings, sneakers, and a glam makeup look. 

TikTok Fashion Aesthetics

Tiktokers these days are obsessed with quite a few aesthetics, which are as follows.

Baddie Aesthetic

Following the baddie aesthetic is the in thing right now. Be confident, keep your grooming game up and wear trendy clothes to be an authentic baddie. Baddies also make themselves look uber gorgeous with makeup, jewelry, and appropriate footwear. 

Some examples of baddie outfits are matching sets. You can wear these in the form of crop tops and sweatpants or a baddie jean skirt with a matching top. Or, wear a baggy cropped sweatshirt with biker shorts, stilettos, and hooped earrings. 

Dark Academia Aesthetic 

This style is originally inspired by the traditional European educational institutions. The dark academia is brought into the limelight with Gen Z vibes. TikTokers in dark academia looks mostly wear button downs, plaid skirts, vests, leggings, long coats, and tailored trousers. The colors for this aesthetic are earthy tones, such as mustard, brown, grey, burgundy, and navy blue. 

Cottagecore Aesthetic 

Centered around the fantasy of countryside bliss, the cottagecore aesthetic offers an escape from today’s reality. Getting dressed in billowing dresses, oversized sweaters, and skirts, the style is vintage inspired. 

Cottagecore fashion includes floral skirts, tops and dresses, linen shorts, and comfy dungarees. Use a freckles tint and a flower crown to go for an authentic look. 

Regencycore Aesthetic 

Regencycore is the newest trend to hop onto the popular aesthetics list. It emerged when the Gen Z TikTokers got inspired by the regency era fashion. Traditional empire waist dresses, opera gloves, tiaras, and lacy corsets are included in this style. This year too, women will stay obsessed with this regal fashion trend. 

There are other famous aesthetic outfits that will stay relevant this year. They are the VSCO girl aesthetic, Softgirl aesthetic, E-girl aesthetic, and Angel core aesthetic. 

Popular TikTok Fashion Trends

The creativity of the TikTok stars in their styling videos causes a ripple effect on mainstream fashion. Let’s sum up the voguish concepts that TikTok creators are setting for 2022.

Cutout Clothing 

The cutout clothing trend perfectly portrays the quirky flair of the fashionable TikTokers. Mainly an aesthetic teenage girl fashion trend, older women are also embracing it. Blouses, tops, dresses, and bottom wear have slashes that reveal a bit more skin, giving an appealing look. The advanced form of the cutout trend is the separate sleeves, where the matching sleeves of a top are worn separately. 

The glamorous look of the cutout clothing makes it appropriate for parties. Usually, the cutouts reveal the collar bone, shoulder, lower belly, and waist.


This one trend prediction from content creators already making waves is that of feathers. Feathers on tops, bottoms, bodysuits, and jackets add to the luxury. We love the fact that the trend is not limited to clothes. Bags, shoes, scarves, and other accessories with feathers on them are a great way to upgrade a basic outfit. 

Artsy Prints

Those who say TikTokers are bizarre have to credit them for the eccentric prints they have brought into the trend. Artsy prints on a clothing item make the whole outfit pop, curbing the need to do anything else. 


Fringed clothing pieces are making a comeback. Fringed jackets, dresses, capes, and skirts are making a wave on TikTok these days. Leather outfits with fringes give an edgy look which will be a popular trend this year. 

Cheetah Print

Animal prints tend to bounce back into fashion every few years. This time around, it’s the famous TikTok creators who often wear the glamorous cheetah print outfits in their videos. Unlike the other animal prints, the cheetah print has a smaller pattern which gives a classic, luxe appeal. 


Bold and sultry, the mesh clothing trend is the perfect way to exude ravishing vibes. Mesh bodysuits, leggings, sleeves, tops remind us of 90s era fashion. Thanks to the new generation of content creators, we can relive the nostalgia and feel trendy once again.

Opera Gloves

The regency era fashion inspires the opera gloves trend, but TikTokers have brought them to center stage. You can wear these long feminine gloves with contemporary and classic outfits. Combine it with a feathered dress for authentic ladylike attire. 

Bucket Hat

Add this cute hat to your accessory closet, as it is one of the highly favored trends of TikTokers this year. A bucket hat is quite versatile. It will elevate any outfit, such as jeans and a t-shirt, crop top and skirt, blazers, and even sweatsuits.  


Knitted tops, sweaters, shrugs, and dresses dominate the fashion scene as foreseen by the influencers on TikTok. Plaid clothing is also a part of the knitwear, which you can frequently spot on your TikTok feed. 

Pastels and Neutrals 

Color choices are not limited to a particular palette in TikTok fashion. However, pastels and neutrals will be predominant. These palettes are a part of the popular aesthetics right now and you can pair them with other colors effortlessly. Pastel sweatshirts, skirts, crop tops, and shirt jackets are specifically more famous. 

Retro Style Shades

Among some daring trends brought into the limelight by TikTok stars is that of reflective retro style shades. These extraordinary style glasses are great to show off your eccentric style.  


Wait, did beanies ever go out of fashion? These cute knitted hats add a chic factor to your fall and winter looks for 2022. The credit for making these comfy headwears trending more than ever goes to the TikTok girls. 

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are another effortless way to elevate a casual outfit. Girls following the baddie style mostly wear these chic caps with fashion forward looks. They finish off the look with attractive makeup and hoop earrings. 

TikTok Fashion Outfit Ideas

Here are a few outfit ideas for you so that you can start following the latest TikTok trends. 

  • Wear a black cutout top along with a plaid tennis skirt. Black platform heels will add glamorous vibes to this outfit. Wear cat eye shades to give the ensemble a beatnik style flavor.
  • Wear a brown full sleeved crop top along with ripped baggy jeans and white sneakers. Round off the casual look with a soft glam makeover and a baseball cap.
  • Team up a white tank top with a pastel pink oversized blazer and black biker shorts. Elevate this voguish look with black pumps and a black fringed leather bag. 
  • Wear a black and white tie and dye tank top with black sweatpants, and layer the outfit with a white motorcycle jacket. Complete the look with black chunky soled leather shoes.


What are the TikTok styles?

Some of the most prominent TikTok styles for the year 2022 are the cottagecore style and the regencycore style. Other trending aesthetics are the e-girl style, dark academia, and the popular baddie style. 

How should I dress for TikTok?

Typically, a TikTok girl should dress in trendy attire. For instance, a crop top with a tennis skirt and platform heeled sandals. Flawless makeup to enhance the features, trendy accessories, and a confident attitude finish off the look. 

What are the leggings on TikTok?

Faux leather leggings are the most popular trend on TikTok right now. You can also opt for mesh leggings or sheer black leggings for an up to date outfit. 

What are the style aesthetics?

Style aesthetics are a particular look you create with your clothing, accessories, and overall demeanor. Popular style aesthetics currently in trend are the angelcore, dark and light academia, VSCO girl, and the Grunge aesthetics. 


The famous TikTok stars navigate fashion trends with their diverse styling ideas and fashion predictions. The year 2022 will also see their massive influence on mainstream fashion as people continue to get inspired by them. Our roundup of the current TikTok fashion will help you stay on top of the trends. 

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